• I have fainted several times from hunger
  • I did. Just hours after giving birth. Too much blood lose. Was in the hospital shower and BAM HIT the floor like a paper weight! Was cold and soaked from the shower when I came to. Wasn't allowed out of bed for one full day. +5
  • I don't know if you'd call it fainting.. everything went black, but i was vaguely aware of what was going on around me..
  • when i was in sixth grade i fainted about an hour after i finished riding my bike all over because i had only eaten a yogurt that day, it happened right after i went to the bathroom as i was washing my hands i suddenly felt very hot and then very dizzy. when i came to the water was still running. when i was in grade nine they administered shots and when i got back to class about ten minutes later during a test i passed out hard. i just remember feeling very light headed and not being able to concentrate. when i came to before opening my eyes i could hear whispers all around quietly and the world was spinning and then when i was 18 while i was taking out my belly button ring for the first time, i tried to put the new one in and it began bleeding and it was slightly healing so i had to push it hurt so bad that i instantly got dizzy and fainted for maybe 2 seconds
  • Yeah, it was in the middle of a dive off a 3 meter board. I came to just before I hit the water face first... oouch!! I don't know why it happened. Nerves weren't a factor, as I'd been diving off that board for quite some time. I immediately climbed back up and did it right.=0]
  • Actually recently i 'passed out unexpectedly' if that counts.. I donated blood, and felt sick. So i went to the ladies loo, got sick, then when i was walking out...i just fell the the ground. They say the blood donating happened too fast, then i was walking around too soon. Very scary experience, next time i will be much more careful!
  • I passed out/fainted yesterday, due to stress and I woke up with a migraine.

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