• He needs to make it a priority. Until then you can't do anything.
  • There will always be stress and excuses not to quit, and saying he wants to quit doesn't make it so. I wish there were a magic answer...but hence, there is not. You could remind him by asking him to brush this teeth before kissing.
  • Try to meet him halfway, which is hard still and only smoke moderately, like a pack a week. Or start buying the long cigerettes and only smoke a half at a time.
  • i did a huge long speel but my computer stuffed up so i will do dot points 1) he needs to feel confident in his ability to smoke- encourage him to be proud of his decision to quit. and if he has even just for a few days- its all a step in the right direction, if he looks at those as failures then he will never be confident in his ability. 2) make a fool proof plan- if he smokes when stressed, figure out other ways to deal with stress even if its having a big long winge. take time off work if poss. 3) stay away from other situations where may smoke- groups of friends that do (only for a short time) getting too drunk, may get tempted, 4) both sit down and make a list of all the pros of smoking and pros of quitting- hopefully pros of quitting is longer- there are some amazing tables that tell u the good quitting does on your body after an hour, a day, a week, a month, several months, year, 5 yrs so basically u can see the effects straight away. i will try find it and send it to u. 5) do a rewards system- save all money up and treat himself at end of a specific goal he sets i.e. after a week of no smoking, go 4 dinner (watever he wants) and set small, realistic goals so he can see his progress, treat himself and then keep wanting to go further with progress. 6)take a couple days off work to deal with physical withdrawls 7) use nicotin replacements- they are not harmful and he wont get physical withdrawls if used properly (so many ppl think that u need to go cold turkey to show u can do it but u dont) if he gets addicted to these products then u can deal with that later 8) go doc and get a prescription to get meds to help ppl off smoking- zyban or champix. they have few side effects amd lots of social support and are very effecttive, plus no addiction to them! 9) fill a jar with cig butts and add water and put lid on- smell that everytime he wants a cig. he can carry a small one to work. its foul. 10) there are quit lines- call them when get stressed and they can quickly motivate him, even if its just for another hour. main points are he needs to really really want to quit and he needs to be really confident in his ability to do so- thats why being proud of even just deciding to quit is really important! tiny steps is key! good luck it aint easy
  • Something will always come up. He just needs to keep trying. There are probably things you can do as a girlfriend to distract him when he really wants a cigarette. No idea what those things might be.
  • website with some links to show the benefits of not smoking for even 20 mins. and goes on until 15 years, but the first few links for hours and days and months is prolly better at thi sstage i had a heaps better one from uni but lost it soz
  • Buy him Allen Carr - 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking' - I do not know a single person who has ever had a bad word to say about that book, amazing success rate, I have been smoking for 9 years and never wanted to quit but am reading it now. You are supposed to keep smoking till the end, I'm ready to quit already. I can't wait! Then leave him alone, the best way you can help him to quit is to be suportive, but don't make a big deal out of it. =) I wish him all the best!!

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