• Depends if the allege abuse.
  • Hitting a child, with anything, is against the law (I would think, except for a bare hand, one, maybe two, SWATs - not a full swing - on a padded/clothed butt) and even THAT can get you arrested if non-parents or parents who don't believe in capital punishment are around.
  • Plastic hurts. Hitting a child is against the law if it causes the need for medical attention for sure.
  • You can use force, but not deadly force to discipline your child. If your child ends up in the hospital or you don't strike in the general area of the butt then you'll find yourself under investigation. You can spank your child and you can do it in public and if any one who doesn't believe in spanking starts giving you crap you tell them if they have a problem you'll dial CPS for them. If memory serves it is in the general vicinity of chapter 21 of the Texas penal code that states your ability to use force but not deadly force to discipline your child.

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