• I know with some suite that we have filed at work do to none payment yes we have to to the state or county that the customer lived in because it is their sherifs office that serves the papers. It does not seem fair but it is the way it is.
  • You really need to double check this, but MY understanding is that you must file the suit IN the location (state/county) of the VENUE OF TRANSACTION. That is to say WHERE the crime took place. If this is the law in WA...then that would be where you file suit as that is the location of the property in question. I own a house that I rent out in San Diego, CA. I live in PA. My last tenant trashed my house. Both he (the son) and his Father were on the Rental Agreement. Dad, lives in Atlanta, GA. (HE also paid the rent.) If I need to file suit ( or otherwise...we are at about $6000 now) I MUST file it in San Diego County, because that is where THE HOUSE is located. Then Dad and I must BOTH fly to San Diego to attend. Double check locally, you can find out for free at the County Clerk's office. Also, MOST attorneys DO offer a 30 minute FREE consult...they don't want to take on a case they aren't likely to should be able to get an answer from them as well.
  • i am not a lawyer, but i have passed them on the streets. The size of the suit is the important factor, is it small claims or a civil matter? Dollar Limit:: $4,000. Where To Sue: Where defendant resides. Corporation resides where it does business or has an office. Anything over $4k makes it a civil matter. If you where to go to the county clerks office in your county seat, they would have the forms for the small claims and whether or not the jurisdiction is correct. If it need to be done in Idaho, road trip or internet and long distance calls. But I would contact an attorney to consult about how to best handle this sititution. Usually Free 30 minute consult and maybe might get results with a letter rather than a court appearance. A few $'s spent may get you 90 % rather than a bunch of $'s getting you a 100% judgement with no payoff.

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