• Some people experience the discharge of colostrum fairly early in pregnancy. Colostrum is what the baby feeds on in the first hours, and sometimes days, after birth, and breast milk "comes in" within the first week postpartum.
  • This is different for every woman, but it can occur beginning around weeks 12-14. It should be thick and yellow and will start to become more milky looking as your delivery approaches. I leaked so bad by my 3rd trimester, I had to start wearing nursing pads. But it was all nothing compared to when your milk comes in after the birth of the baby.
  • It varies. With my first pregnancy I hadn't even started producing at the time of my daughter's birth, so I had to put her on formula for the first few days while my milk came in. With my second pregnancy, I started leaking at about 4 months.
  • an exellent start to breastfeeding! I started leaking colostrum about 7 months pregnant but know people that started as early as 2 month preg. Http://
  • My breastfeeding advisor tells me it never does till about 3-10 days after birth, but before that you produce "colostrum" (milky-ish substance that's full of antibodies that protect your baby). The colostrum can start at any point really, I was about 25 weeks when I first woke up with a crusty puddle on my mattress. Apparently you discharge more when you hear a baby cry, or even when sexually aroused...
  • My baby is due in three days and have had no discharge from my breast throughout the whole pregnancy. I wanted to breast feed from the off but only time will tell if I will need to use formula until milk comes in.
  • It happens at birth. The same thing that causes contractions also stimulates your milk production. It will come in full shortly after birth.
  • I didn't actually produce breast milk until my son started nursing.

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