• it depends on what has happened to me previously
  • Well be honest I don't watch horror movies because I am not even a bit like that woman . So guess ...I have answered your question ;)))
  • oh why you afraid?i dont afraid to anyone in my life.proud to be a muslim.god bless u.5
  • Kare Ann, you may be alone or very few. This is not good for your heart. Practice going into dark rooms and put the candle out before it blows out. Stay in control.
  • She's read the script, she knows the blood is fake. :)
  • The woman in the movie must have seen the smiling spider. Take a look, Karen. You will smile at the Spider.
  • I am!To make along story short...I had a man walk into my house and up the stairs to the second story where I was taking a shower.When I pulled back the curtain and saw that it wasn't my husband,I got MAD!I ran after him yelling all the way outside wrapped in a towel.THe cops did get him and he just ended up with a restraining order :(
  • Not me....and I'm macho man...
  • Well I would probably take a torch and go look rather than a candle - but better to go upstairs and see what is causing the noise than sit downstairs and worry about it. Having said that if I genuinely thought there was a person upstairs I would probably call 999 and wait outside - I am a lot more nervy since we lost our huge dog a few weeks ago - always used to take him to investigate strange noises. The funniest one was when he went berserk about something in the garden which turned out to be a killer hedgehog!
  • I would go very slowly and feel my way. I have done that before when I was a teen. Sneak in the house without lights and sneak upstairs to bed without waking anyone. Could have but never did meet my dad on the stairs. Woooooo the thought scares me even now!!!
  • A. I have a flashlight, because, as much as I love you, we are not going into the fucked up house without benefit of modern technology! B. Don't worry about it, I'm the quirky sidekick thats gonna get killed! You are totally gonna live. You just have to convince the small, rigid townsfolk of the evil in their midst.
  • Not me.
  • I find those movies irritating so I don't watch them. Why is she virtually naked, in heels & why doesn't she have a flashlight.
  • Hi Karen Ann, I don't really like it, but I don't freak out either bc I know it's just a movie. LOL However I never go the movie with a lot of violence and blood. LOL I call this movie PG62 (I'm 62). LOLOL Karen Ann, honey â–º can you pls e-mail me? â—„ I have no contact of you. You website first gave me an error message, and just simply confuses me. I am sorry. *FL is blushing*.
  • I am! Except I'm very, very careful. If I hear a noise, I have to know what the noise was and search until I'm sure.
  • In answer, here is an excerpt from the essay 'Let Us Now Praise Stupid Women' from Margaret Atwood's 'Good Bones & Simple Murders'.
  • Another reason why horror movies bore me.

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