• I can't answer that because it wouldn't be fun to me. I want a relationship to be total. Course, I've been married for 35 years. I guess lots of professional bachelors are single because they don't feel as I do.
  • Love changes, I've been unsure about my feelings toward a woman after the relationship started lasting a long time, Questions pop into the mind, love wanes, you stay around long enough to see if you can love her again or its really gone. Nobody wants to give up love by mistake
  • This doesn't depend upon on male only but females to count in it.It's sad that someone is playing mind game with you. I too have gone through this phase and I really hate that person who spoiled my feelings way back. First and for most thing which I've learned from this debacle is that never put your faith on someone so easily.Once you give your heart to someone ,if he/she is not serious one then sure the end will be sad. The trait of such person is carelessness.He/she won't put efforts up to 100%. Now if you really feel there is no future in this relationship then it's better to quit.Though it's not easy task but there is no other way.
  • It can be fun to play with people. Their minds and hearts. If you don't care about them at all there's nothing to stop you from using their emotions to get what you want.
  • OH! FLOWERS AND KITTENS AND OTHER HAPPY STUFF! Is this a better answer than the truth?
  • evil can be fun to a sick mind.
  • I don't think it's about fun, for me it was about convenience. It ended biting me in the ass, rightfully. I don't toy with people's emotions any more.
  • Its not fun for me, I will tell you exactly what my intentions are.
  • Will people please stop saying "This goes for females too." I think that is just a given and not the point of the question... That being said... Admitting I am NOT a man! As a victim of one of these morons! They do it, because we let them!
  • I don't care if this question is just for men. I'm going to answer it anyway. Why do those men do it? Well, because they want to. Do you think those men actually care that they're treating women like toys? They most likely don't. If they did, would they really be doing that? Those men care about themselves and their own pleasure more than they care about your feelings for them. They may say they don't, but their actions definitely tell a completely different story. Also, there are women who are just as guilty.

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