• never but i am attracted to you:)
  • I have had an on-going relationship with my cousin since we were 12 or 13, maybe 14. We are now in our 50s and we are each married, but still we manage to see each other and there is nothing hotter in any relationship I've ever had with any woman. From our first tentative touching and explorations through the most sophisticated sex that we had in our thirties until now, a warmer more loving kind of sex, its been the best and I am thankful for it. In the meantime, believe it or not, I am desperately in love with my wife.
  • I was with one of my cousins, but I was much younger than him. Nothing ever came of it. Was just a crush.
  • Yes... but then we found out she was my cousin.
  • Yes. I propositioned her, but she said no. We have a great relationship still.
  • Yes. I brought up the subject of our making love, and she said no. We have a great relationship 40 years later.
  • No I have not. My cousins I wouldn't be attracted to sexually even if they weren't related to me. +5
  • Well I have lots of cousins I m attracted to..And yes I admit there are a few I d have sex with.
  • I and several of my cousins have fucked. My best friend used to fuck 2 of his cousins, and we used to have 3-somes with them. We were in high school, it was nuts, sex and booze...
  • Me and my cousin are both guys and we had sex for years growing up, some of the best times. Another cousin and I have talked about it.
  • Yes. I have a cousin two years younger than me. Wen we were younger i never thought of her before. Seen her recently and she is so hot. She caught me masturbating in her bed with her thong. She thought it was so hot we fucked several times that night. Still do everytime we are around eachother. Best sex ever.
  • yes and my affection for her is getting more and more But it even worse the love i have for my older sis Kimberly
  • just one when i was younger goshh i didnt kno what i was thinking lol...i should of put my eyes on his dad hes fkin HOT lol....
  • Im physically as well as sexually attracted to my cousin an we're both female. Ive had this crush on her since we were kids. I wonder if i should tell her? any help??
  • Hell, when I was younger, I was sexually attracted to just about anyone female.
  • Um. Yes.
  • When I was in 7th grade I was at party at a friends house whose parents were out of time, and I took my younger cousin with me. People were doing all sorts of crazy stuff. At one point I got talked into playing 7 minutes in heaven. The way we played we went into the closet one at a time and it was completely dark. You were not allowed to know who you were in there with, so no talking. So when the girl came into the closet we started making out, and heavy petting. She was really into it. The next thing I knew, she got down on her knees and undid my pants. This girl gave me an amazing blowjob and even let me cum in her mouth. After we were done, I opened the door, and I saw that they had sent my little cousin into the closet with me! When she saw that it was me she had just been with, I think she was actually relieved. She gave me a really big smile, and I noticed that she still had a little something dripping out of the corner of her mouth :-)
  • never in life
  • 1 of whum i was facinated whn i was 12 later another when i was 19 i also proposed her for marriage she accepted her parents refused

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