• I think that most people are basically honest, we have a jaded view of society where we expect people to do the wrong thing. I am so happy that you got to experience an honest person, because they are everywhere.
  • My pants were stolen from me while I was asleep in a Palm Springs hotel and the manager called and said the pants were found sans wallet and cash. I suspected it was an employee of the hotel.
  • I've had a wallet found and returned to me with money intact. Just a few days ago, I pulled my keys out of my pocket and a wad of money fell on the sidewalk. A guy walking down the sidewalk and a motorist waiting for the light to change both told me right away -- in downtown Boston no less. It warmed my heart to know that there are people who will do the right thing.
  • actually it has happened many times to me, but it was my dayplanner!! and each and every time it has been turned in or i found it before it was lost forever! I guess I've been pretty lucky
  • Every once in a while, some person shows me there are still honest folks in the world. Most recently, I was at the grocery store and I was using the self check-out with my debit card. I got a call on my cell phone in the middle of checking out, so, I was distracted and walked off without taking the cash back. The lady behind me chased me to the door as I was leaving to give me my cash.
  • I left a credit card at a gas station once. I called them about an hour later to see if that was where I left it and sure enough....she said it's sitting right here waiting for ya to come and get it.
  • Yes. I went to the movies once and left my purse on a bench near the concession stand. I didn't realize it until after the movie ended. I went to the stand after the movie and they handed me back my purse, fully intact. I was so relieved!!
  • Never! A few years ago on my way through the cash register, I still don't know if someone actually took my wallet from me while I was distracted (which is what I suspect) or if I left it (highly unlikely) but I got out to the car and opened my purse to get the keys and realized it wasn't there!I was freaked out to say the least. I went back in the store and no one could find it. I was so upset, I went home and called the number on all of my credit cards and reported them missing/stolen. Several hours later, the store called me to let me know they had found my wallet outside sitting in a shopping cart. The money was gone of course, but I was thankful that my identification was still there.
  • I once threw my weeks wages away keeping the envelope, yep I got it back some anon person handed my wages to the local police station!
  • No, but I have turned in things I have found.
  • I was making a deposit for my work -using a bank pouch. Long story short - I'm leaving the bank with the bank pouch filled with ones and quarters (cash drawer change)on the ground in the parking lot along with the bank book. Some guys turned the bank pouch into the bank (Pouch had name of bank printed on it). The bank called me at work. I didn't lose my job that day....
  • Yes!! A long time ago - when I was young and fairly broke - I lost my purse! I was frantic, as it had my bank card etc in it. That evening, someone came to my home and returned it to me!!!! All intact! I wanted to give them a reward - or at very least pay them for their time and trouble and petrol - but they would not hear of it, and told me to just give the money to my favourite charity instead. There are kind people out there!!
  • No,,Some one Stole my Brand new Bike ,,I Was 9 or 10,,From the Church Bike Rack ;)!!!!
  • I have very rarely ever lost anything but never had anything returned.
  • A few times I forgot my purse, wallet, and keys(each on separate occasions) at the cashier counter in the store, and someone always chased me down and returned it. I've never had anything missing!
  • My wife and I were having a snack in a shopping mall when I happened to look at an old lady sitting not far from us. She was going through her purse as though she had lost something. A couple of minutes later, I glanced her way again, she was not there but, her purse was. I took it to the counter, told them what had happened and would they look after it in case she came looking for it. As I was going back to my seat, I saw the lady, hurrying after her, I told her what I had done. We went back to the counter, the man behind it said, Oh not you again. Apparently this happened once or twice a day. This time there was seven hundred dollars involved.
  • Yes, my mobile slipped out of my pocket in a taxi. The driver brought it home the next day. How? My wife rang me and he answered. He got our address from her and came over to return it. He was honest enough not to make use of it for his own calls. We gave him Rs 100 as a reward. On another ocassion, my father's office building collapsed. But among the rubble we found all his share certificates (except for two or three companies) intact. God is great.
  • ive never had that happen but ive been the person that has turned stuff in

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