• Congratz!!! Keep at it!
  • Fantastic! Coming from a family of smokers, I know how tough it can be. Keep goin' girl - a day at a time:)
  • Congratulations on the 3 days hopefully you'll make it through 3 years :) keep going I know you can do it ((hugs))
  • CONRATULATIONS! You can give yourself a pat on the back for me :)
  • I call bullsh!t.Y ou're still smoking hot.
  • Good luck.
  • They say the first 3 days are the hardest. It should get easier after today.
  • Congrads!! your now lessening your chance for getting lung cancer, and other diseases.
  • What are you using to help? Anything? Yeah. Remember: There are no positives continuing to smoke. Only negatives. Serious negatives.
  • Just think how much better you will feel smoke free. Did you know that it costs less than 10 cents per pack to produce by the tobacco companies. You will also save money and quit putting money in the CEO's pockets of tobacco. YEAHHH!
  • Good luck...I am on day 30 today. You can do it....
  • I quit also...I still have a pack of smokes around here somewhere, can I mail it to you so that way I'm not enticed to smoke one? LOL just kidding...Good luck with that though...
  • ok you have made quite far.YOU CAN DO THIS I PROMISE.preztel rods are a great snack.not that bad for you and the shape gives your hands some thing to "play" with.same with baby have to have something to do when the craving his.any kind of exercise or something.try not to get bored.stay active.again YOU CAN DO THIS!i'll help you anyway i can.just ask.
  • Congratulations! You made the right choice, joined the vast group of non-smokers.
  • Congratulations!! I heard somewhere that by day 3 all nicotine is out of your system. All cravings from here on out are purely psychological. For some reason, knowing that really helped me to kick the smoking habit.
  • keep going the tough part is freinds that smoke, the smoke will draw you back in sometimes+5
  • i seeya ding your thing keep up the good work
  • Congratulations!!! Keep up the great work and I hope you had an awesome weekend!!!
  • You're doing great. It's hard to do but you'll be happier on the other end of it.
  • I quit a BIG (25 cigs/pack) pack-a-day habit in 1983! To this day, I feel it is the smartest thing I ever did. And I would NEVER EVER consider starting smoking again. Here are a couple of things to get your mind off the cravings.... Put an elastic on your wrist and snap it each time you get a crave. The sting of the snap distracts your mind. The first week,my wrist was pretty pink almost all the time, but hey, now my lungs are pink again! Do the "I am aware" exercise. You look around you and say (out Loud) I am aware of.... the couch. I am aware of the blue flower pattern on the couch.... I am aware of the picture of the ocean on the wall..... I am aware of the readers digest book on the coffee table. You get the picture. These are exercises to distract you and they certainly did help me. Took only about 5 days to get over the 'hump' and then after that, it was basically maintenance. Congratulations on heading the the BEST direction and good luck with your efforts.
  • You are the best!!!!! 3 days will soon become 6, then 60!!!!!! Get your rest!!!!!! eat more whole grains!! cut way back on the junk more vegetables and fruits!!!!! Corny, right? but TRUE........your food should be your 'medicine' and your tobacco craving will slowly go away!!!!!!!!!!
  • Keep at it and you can make it. After the 11th day things will be better. On the 11 th day doak in a tub of warm water and the yellow will come out of the pores and on the 12 th day you will probably not crave them or even be able to stand their smell anymore. I smoked 5 packs a day and they told me Iwas with child and I never somkoed any from that minute on. So if I can stop with 5 packs a day youcan stop.
  • ok so day 5 now? are you still managing?
  • Great Job! Way to go!
  • congrats!! good job!!! does that mean today is the 6th day?? ;D
  • Well, today would be day 8 and I believe you're probably still a non-smoker. That means you've gotten through the hardest part; the physical addiction. It gets easier and easier after that. Congratulations on becoming a non-smoker. It's hard to do, but well worth it. More benefits than not. If you ever feel like you need some encouragement, let us know. A lot of us have been there too. I celebrated my 10-year non-smoking anniversary on February 10th and if after smoking for as many years as I did; I was able to quit then so can you! Be proud of yourself and give yourse'lf a pat on the back!

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