• sub is always better and i guess i do call myself an otaku.
  • I love Sub so I am a Otaku then!! WOOT!!!!
  • Subbed, without a doubt. I think we can all agree that dubs are the cancer that is killing anime. And I am such an otaku that I know the origin of otaku.
  • lol i agree with richard and yes i guess i am an otaku lol
  • Sub of course.Dub just sucks it takes away a lot of thing from an anime you feel like watching some cartoon.If I know Japanese I would definetly watch raw.No I do not call myself Otaku I only watch anime,yes it is true that Otaku watchs anime A LOT but if someone watch anime a lot that does not make him/her otaku.In addition to be real "otaku" needs to be doing something else besides just watching anime(collecting,getting crazy when see it is favorite etc... If you watched Genshiken or Welcome to NHK you can see easily what I mean)
  • yep. am definitely otaku i watch subs. they're the best
  • i watch whatever i can find. i like both ways.

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