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  • yes, it is wrong!
  • depends too much on the situation and individuals it has so much to do with their motives, atleast to me if someones slowly dying and enduring pain everyday while they just wait to pass away with no chance of curing that person or even taking away the pain, i believe if they want to die they damn well should be allowed at least the right to finally be at some kind of peace.
  • What do you call assisted suicide? What Jack K did was not assist, but actually inject the lethal cocktail himselve, so he killed someone, they didn't kill themselves
  • No, not at all. Sometimes, it's the kindest thing a person could do.
  • We treat animals with more mercy than ourselves. I support it when done correctly (which is yet to be defined).
  • Yes. Suicide is wrong anyway.
  • No, I believe the terminally ill should be able to have the option of dying when they choose and in a manner that is comfortable and humane. If you believe that suicide is wrong then just don't do it yourself but please do not project your moral code onto others. Especially others who may be suffering in ways completely unknown to you. If you feel it is wrong according to God well then once again don't do it. However I would ask that you have enough faith in God to let God sort it out. Do not presume to speak for God. I am fairly sure the fate of the suicides immortal soul can be worked out just fine between God and that person without your judgement.
  • I don't think anything done out of sympathy (regardless of beliefs) is exactly wrong.
  • Yes it is completely wrong period.
  • Laws against assisted suicide are morally wrong. I'm getting to the age where I may have to look into some method of ending my life if it becomes unbearable with no hope of improvement. I don't want to add more pain and firearms are very messy.
  • no its not. I should be able to decide when and how I want to die and my doctor should assist me in that endeavor. They take an oath to help people not to suffer and honestly, 99% of the MD's I have had won't even give you pain meds for pain so somewhere they have lost the meaning of that oath. I think it should be legal
  • No I do not, at least in cases where it is an adult who has searched for other answers and understands exactly what they are doing and who they want to assist them.
  • No. I hope that if I am in a situation where I am miserable or have become nothing more than a vegetable, someone would help me end my life. I want to be something more than a vegetable.
  • I believe if it is done through a hospital with a dr then fine under certain cercumstances. But if its just someone who wants to end their life but needs help then i believe that the person should grow up because yea life can suck but it is wat u make of it and if u make it miserable for yourself you should have to live like that. Dont put the ppl who love u in pain because ur being selfish
  • When calling it assisted suicide, the term begs to make it be considered wrong, Transitional Therapy of the physical condition, now that might be acceptable, if someone is turmoil, there pain should be managed as best as possible when this fails, may the sleep unconsciously, until a cure or be aloud to transcend the physical condition
  • nope. Nobody should have to suffer without hope just because some religious fanatic fears they will go to hell.
  • I think anyone, not just terminally ill people should be permitted the suicide option. There are chronically depressed people who find no reason to live yet are forced to continue to remain alive at extraordinary cost to everyone themselves included. I've wanted to opt out many times, now included.
  • No, it's his/her life to choose to end.
  • I think it is wrong, but mainly for the slippery slope it puts us on.
  • Not at all.

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