• OMG YES!!! I am so bad about that...
  • No, but I had to learn to remember them yo...
  • Not really. I tend to remeber most people's name.
  • The reason sometimes we forget peoples names is because we have no investment in them. When I became an insurance agent I realized I could remember almost every clients name, Hmm I wonder why? Oh ya I remembered because I had money to be made and if I forgot there name that is just like forgetting my paycheck. The key is to change the way you think about remembering somebodys name. If your forgetting peoples names its really your just not connected to there usefulness in your life. SO when you meet someone and you want to remember there name try and figure out what type of benefit this person could be for you in your life. The better the benefit the more likely you'll remember there name. Yes we are warped people sometimes.
  • I have trouble remembering to go to the bathroom! Names are almost beyond my scope.
  • big time, you can tell me your name and one minute after you tell me,you can be sure I will ask you for it again.
  • Yes. I like yours.
  • There are times when I do.
  • yea i usually remember what someone said or how they were dressed always forgets the name
  • No, I am very good at names and faces.
  • All the time I just know them to see them.
  • yeah and its pretty embarassing and it makes me feel like a jerk. im absolutely horrible with names
  • I think most people do...I would say the cause of this has to do with the moment or in the moment...In most cases you are being introduced to someone new or introduced to many people, more often in a place where a lot is going on, the mind is processing so much and to hear a name or names for just a split second get's lost in the shuffle...To answer your question, yes I do but I have been working on it by repeating the name to myself when the introduction comes and then placing that name to something unique about the persons face or hair or something to that effect...
  • At my age I can't remember mine.
  • Usually sometimes write it down and keep reminding myself of what the name is.
  • Oh, yes. Its horrible. I'm always meeting people and then I see them again and I remember meeting them but a name is just not there. So its "HI, its so nice to see you again..."
  • Yes sadly but mostly if i've not seen them for a while +++++
  • No, I like taking the trouble to remember people's names.
  • Yes!! Now, let's see - there are 1200 kids at my school. I teach approximately 250 of them on a weekly basis. That means that I have 250 names to learn by the end of September each year. Some of the kids I only see once a week, and I have one class that I only see once a fortnight. Those are always the most difficult to remember. Then, of course, there are the kids I have taught in previous years, so I still remember their names. All in all, I think I know the names of 600 students in the school. Then there are another 200 or so whom I know by face, and have spoken to, but have never found out their names. And then there are the remaining 400 students, - I could recognise about 350 of them, but really have no clue what their names are. Then, September comes round again, 240 kids leave, a new 240 kids start, and I start the name learning process all over again. It is a long process! My uncle had trick for asking people's names - he would say: Sorry - what was your name again? If they replied with their first name, he would say: No, I know that, it is your last name I have forgotten. Same if they replied with their last name.
  • YES! I remember what they did or said,but usually their names don`t seem to fit or something.It`s weird I know,it`s Their name,but I`ll say the guy who smiled alot or the lady who did whatever.
  • Yes always and usually I mix names even of my daughters
  • yes. but i can remember their faces well enough. unless they've changed dramaticaly. then it's over my head.
  • sometimes i do

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