• none, im a pretty good speller
  • Sometimes I spell these words wrong. Business and Theater.
  • Stick your index fingers inside your mouth and gently pull sideways, just enough that the center of your lips can still touch each other ... now say "puck". .
    • Linda Joy
      LOL that's akin to telling me to look down my shirt and spell attic!
    • Ice man
      Pretty much
    • Linda Joy
      or hold on to your tongue and say my grandma has a big glass bowl
  • I've gotten pretty good with most of them. I used to have trouble with "Caribbean" until I invented the mnemonic "carib bean". There are other words that I have to use a mnemonic or I have to mentally pronounce as spelled (not as spoken) when I am typing. Things like "February", "Wednesday", etc.
  • Onomatopoeia. It just pi&&es me off.

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