• I think it is possible but difficult. The biggest thing, when disagreeing with someone you have to do is never personally attack the views or the person you are arguing with. Stick to the facts and explain why you feel like you do.
  • I think it really depends on who you're talking to. Not everyone will be reasonable.
  • Since it has been done and is still done in some places, it is clearly possible. But when one person in a debate insists on the right to use false arguments, insults, tirades and bellowing down their opponents it is tantamount to a declaration of war. No reasonable person sits back and endures constant barrages from an enemy without retaliation at some point. If you allow Authoritarians into positions of power in the political process, you are going to have acrimonious debate. Authoritarian leaders are driven by an insatiable lust for absolute, dictatorial power, are utterly convinced they are right in all things, and are extremely amoral. They will use any means they can find to seize and hold power. When they are in the mix, there will not be any room for respectful debate.
  • Although certainly a challenge, I endeavor to conduct myself that way, and remind others of it here constantly.
  • If one is polite, one can express anything. People don't get mad so much because you disagree, its HOW you disagree. I can be very bitchy, so I get bitched at back. However, when I am balanced and nice, surprise!!!!
  • It's not only possible it is a powerful way to communicate. One of the keys to successfully communicating in this way is to have a sincere interest in those who have differing views and how they come to their particular views. If you or the other is heavily invested in convincing the other, or is too black&white with their position, you may not be able then to have a constructive dialogue, that includes a respectful demeanor.
  • i think its possible

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