• Sounds like they just swapped some tapes around to be cute... if you play Obama's speeches backwards, that's not what they say, they say things like "Bush is a dink!", and "No WMDs means no WMDs!", and "Just think what it will be like to have a president who can pronounce 'nuclear'!", and "I killed Paul!". Nobody knows why the last one is there. It may have been a joke.
  • You weren't supposed to find that. We'll have to deal with you.
  • Folks must be finding it harder to say bad things about President Obama so have started making things up. It seems childish, but apparently has worked....people are asking questions about it..........
  • I find obama to be on the side of satan and evil.
    • MrX
      And Freddy Krueger! Don't forget Freddy Krueger.
  • Dude, you can come up with anyone's remarks in backwards mode and make them say anything.
  • People who don't like Obama keep coming up with more and more nonsense. It amazes me that anyone believes such a silly story. Were they the same folks who played the Beatles White Album backwards, too? You can make something played backewards sound like whatever you want with a few little audio tricks.
  • Oy. This sounds like it was a joke. Anyone who is still looking for backwards messages in audio recordings is apparently missed the moral panic in the 1970's and 80's when every hard rock artist on the planet was accused of subliminally inserting messages into their music. Ozzie was a drug addled weirdo at one point, but a Satanic audio-engineering mastermind I think not. Michael Shermer had a good piece on this phenomenon and others and shows the manner in which people convince themselves of these kinds of silly things.
  • I think it means they just don't like Obama, so they are putting words into his mouth to make it look like he subliminally said things he never said.
    • MrX
      Great answer.
  • depends on if you are for or against obama. I am against him, but i do not believe in the backwards meanings when talking.
  • Since Satan is a fictional character and Obama is a political figure, they are being manipulative towards people who believe that Satan actually exists with the intent to sell their own political agenda.

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