• i dont know but my sis is convinced she should have lived in the 40's
  • The grass is always greener in another time.
  • Maybe they feel they would have fit in better in another time and place..I always pictured myself with sword in hand, screaming like a banshee, fighting the evil doers.. Wait, maybe that was a game...anyway, ya know.
  • Probably because they have nothing in common with anyone they know. Or they've been watching too much TV.
  • Because there is no nostalgia like the nostalgia we feel for a past we've never experienced.
  • Because they're too much in love with fairy tales. What they want is the modern day conveniences such as antibiotics, during the time when such wasn't available.
  • they see some where else that the feel they would be happier in than this one.
  • i think i'm in the wrong dimension.
  • You got topic of the day yo..How cool is that:):)..and I don't know:):)
  • As for myself, I would have liked to have been born in either the 15'th century or about 100yrs ago. Seems 100 yrs ago life was much more simple.
  • I think I should have been a teenager in the late 60,s early 70,s purely because i love that era of music so much and would have been a groupie with the Rolling Stones!! I was born in 66..
  • I find this very interesting. My Brother could not abide by the rules of the present time. He could not understand why he had to obey certain rules. Of course this got him into a lot of trouble. His idea of life was, if he didn't hurt anyone with the way he was doing things, that was ok. He took the insides out of the steering box of his car, on putting it back together, there were quite a few parts over. He tossed these as uneccessary. When he took the car for a test, he found it wouldn't turn to the left. No worries, he could still get to where he wanted to go, only it took a lot longer. To him, this was nothing, the only person it was affecting was him. He should have been born 100 years before he was.
  • For my interests, i've always felt i was born too soon! I'd love to be around in the next five hundred to a thousand years, just to see if we have reached the stars, and also to see if we have finally grown up as a species. +++++
  • I think I should've been born in the old western would've been hard work but everything about that time just seems so appealing to me.I would've liked the 50's too when everyone was so well mannered and all the women dressed modestly and stylish.
  • Coz they don't like to live!
  • Because some of their present behavior does not conform to the era they live in. I know I would like to be born in an era when crime rate was low. Now i have to deal with it. It's just that I love the big city and really don't want to move.
  • It's just something to talk about in conversation.

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