• Yes. There is an open source project called PHP Triad that will help install all three programs *under Windows.* It can be found here: I don't know of any programs to do this on Linux or Unix environments.
  • If you have a windows OS you can install uniform Server, if you're a linux guy, Ubuntu has a one click LAMP installation. LAMP is Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP both are easy solutions.
  • WAMP (Windows - Apache - MySQL - PHP)
  • A lot of linux distros come with Apache, PHP and MySQL pre-installed - you can't get much easier than that! If they don't have them installed, just tick the Apache, PHP ans MySQL packages in the package manager and click "apply".
  • Yes. There is an option with PHP Traid or ready use packages like WampServer, XAMPP etc.
  • Yes, there is an option called PHP traid...
  • Yes install Xampp

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