• Gurl, put some spanks on and call it a DAY! Just kidding, crunches on a balance ball are better than on the floor. But, if you don't have the ball, put a towel beneath your lower back and put your legs in the air. Extend your arms at your sides and complete your crunches. Basically, the higher you elevate your back, the more you exercise your stomach. Good luck!
  • everyone is wrong again. first off crunches dont burn enough calories to make your stomach flat. it will increase the size of your stomach muscles though. now you have to do cardio. biking, running is better, swimming is best. to burn the layer of fat that is covering you abdominal muscles. YOU HAVE TO DO CARDIO TO OBTAIN A FLAT STOMACH.
  • ONLY 100 pounds? Damn! How old are you? 10, 9, 8, or 7? lol jk. Just push yourself to do more. Trust me, you can do it if you put your mind to it and you will feel good afterwards too. But crunches/sit ups are more for developing muscle. If you want to try losing weight (If it's even possible. Are you missing some bones? Like a rib cage or your legs maybe? 100lbs? Serously? jk) then do some cardio. Like jogging or biking. Thats how you do it.
  • You can't target fat loss - it comes off all over the body (usually abdomen last, unfortunately) when and if you consume fewer calories than you burn. If and when you DO lose weight, your abs will look good, though. . It seems like I remember that a 200-lb person has to climb about 5 steps to burn off a calorie, so if you lift about half of your 100 lb body on average about 2 steps, you'd have to do about 20 situps to burn a calorie. So you're not going to burn any significant # of calories by this alone. An average adult burns about 100 calories per mile walking, so you might do so if you walk 1.5 miles or so.
  • You can hold a couple of weights in your hands at waist level, keep them in front of you at all times and twist the trunk left and right while the weights remain in line with your front. Also do reverse dead-lifts...look them up.
  • Forget the flat tummy honey and just do them for your health. You look fine the way you are I'm sure.

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