• It suites them. or they take it off from work but do not actually celebrate the holiday in a christian way
  • I celebrate them because I was raised celebrating them, I consider them family time
  • Are Christian holidays really even Christian?
  • i don't.....
  • Pffft, like as if most Christians celebrate Christian holidays for reasons other than days off and getting free shit.
  • For the same reason christians celebrate pagan holidays...tradition. I know of no atheist that gives any religious significance to any holiday. it's a day off with pay to most of them. Atheists don't celebrate Jesus on December 25th anymore than Christians celebrate the solstice and all the other real origins of the holiday. If you show me there are masses of atheists lined up to partake in communion on Easter, then you may have a point. Otherwise, your question is simply not accurate.
  • In order to keep traditions of ancestors, support holiday spirit and make it fun for kids. For example, I want to give my daughter a chance to learn about religion and nature of holiday, so if she decides to become religious, she would do it intentionally, according to her own conscious knowledge and will.
  • Christian festivities such as Christmas and and Easter were superimposed over much older pagan celebrations associated with astronomical events, the Winter Solstice, in the case of Christmas, the Vernal Equinox in the case of Easter. I am as happy as anyone to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun, the days getting longer again, at Yule, or the beginning of the Spring, the start of days being longer than nights, at Easter. You could just as well ask Why do christians celebrate pagan holidays?
  • Pretty sure the way most Christians celebrate "Christian" holidays is considered sacrilegious anyways. Isn't Christmas akin to worshiping a false idol (Santa)? It promotes gluttony, too. That can't sit too well for the big man upstairs. *Time off from school/work *Chanukah presents suck compared to Christmas ones. Don't even get me started on Ramadan. *Candy *Fun times with family I'm drawing a blank, what are some big holidays other than Easter and Christmas? Actually, I think those are the only two Atheists really celebrate. Short version: they've been commercialized to the extreme; blame the Coca-Cola company and whatever candy consortium made Easter about candy.
  • Whats a Christian Holiday? There is no evidence that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. In any case, most people celebrate Xmas as a family tradition. Hence the giving of gifts to "family members". Easter is what, supposedly the resurrection day of Christ? People mainly celebrate Easter by "hunting" for eggs and candies at a park or wherever. Which is a children event. They're not really celebrating the "resurrection".
  • Frankly it's because no one ever shows up to our Atheist's Day parties and we like eggnog.
  • I don't celebrate halloween, and I'm not an atheist, I'm nothing.
  • Most christian holidays were pagan in origin anyway. To me, christmas is a secular holiday celebrating children and memories of childhood. Easter is a day of rabbit wonder. And so forth. Why do christians celebrate pagan holidays. Now THAT is a question! (Oh, and I'd celebrate them, too.)
  • Why do christians celebrate pagan holidays?
  • Protection.
  • I only celebrate 2 of them; Mardi Gras - because it's a great time to party w/ friends and strangers. St, Patrick's Day - because it's a great time to party w/ friends and strangers. Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, and Halloween are not Christian holidays and are good times for the little kids and to spend some time with friends and family. All the rest, Advent, Ash Wednesday, Epiphany, Lent, Palm Sunday, St. Andrew's Day, Twelfth Night I completely ignore. The true question would be why do Christians celebrate Pagan holidays and try to take them over?
  • They celebrate Christmas as a traditional December festival.
  • I celebrate the equinoxes and the solstices. They were holidays long before Christianity came along.
  • greed. they want the benefits(ie presents, parties)
  • The traditions become the tradition. Why do Christians claim pagan holidays as their very own? I celebrated Dec 25th as the start of winter and Easter as the start of spring, like they were originally celebrated.
  • I can't think of a single Christian holiday. Christmas and Easter are both much more ancient than Christianity, and most of the traditions associated with them have nothing to do with Christianity at all (eg, Easter egg or chocolate bunny)
  • Tradition and we have those days off anyway.
  • lol hypocrites....
  • For the same reason that Christians celebrate Pagan holidays
  • I'm an atheist. I don't celebrate any Christian holidays. I don't celebrate Chrsitmas. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas either. We don't eat a turkey or own a Christmas tree. My family doesn't care much about gift-giving or holiday music. As for Easter, I don't celebrate it. I don't paint eggs, buy chocolate bunnies, or eat a huge dinner with my family.

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