• Yes..My favorite window In my house Is my dining room window cause It's enormous In size.
  • Yes my slider....
  • the on in my room to the right of my beg, but we put an adition onto the house so now its a shelf and my room is all dark now :(
  • Yes, the living room window
  • Yup, the kitchen window over the table, which faces east.
  • I love the bay window in the living room that faces trees, grass, river, birds and nature; especially in the spring and summer.
  • Nope,Mine is a rented one!
  • Yes i do! I've just brought the house in Croydon. it is an open slate for me to decorate it as I like. the attic has a loft conversion which is now three spare bedrooms. the one at the front has a large floor to ceiling window which over looks Crystal palace. When the curtains are open all you can see is the park, the hills the lakes and the trees.. When I was in Rome yesterday I found a street artist making pictures of the Colosseum with spray cans! So I brought one which was black with silver moons and stars.. I have now placed it over the top of the window.. It now feels like I don't live in a town! I can sit with a few beers and look over a heap of nature.. Which is wonderful..
  • Yes, the one that has a view of my sexy neighbor's house!
  • I have turned my dinning room into my office since the kids are all gone. I have my desk facing the sliding glass doors that leads to my back yard that is in my it....
  • Yes, the one that is clean.

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