• My understanding is that veneer is a cheap way of making something look like its wood. For instance manufacturers use chip board to get the main shape and design of the furniture then cover it with a wood like finish, its almost like a stick on piece of material to make it look like a nice wood finish over a cheaper material than solid wood.
  • The Price. Veneer is actually a decal glued onto pressboard and "Looks" like real wood. It cannot be dented like real wood. Its much much cheaper. Unless you bought it at a good furniture store chances are its veneer. They also make a real wood veneer. That is when they take a thin sheet of very expensive wood and glue it onto another piece of cheaper wood. Its all about reducing the cost. Hope that helps,
  • I had no idea what it was either I just asked my co worker. Veneer is not all wood. Underneath the wood is a pressed material(filling). Only the outside is wood for show. The way you can tell is by how heavy the object is. Also by the price but obviously you didn't buy that dresser. Just for future reference you will know by looking at the prices. It will be more expensive.
  • Veneer is not always a cheap commodity. People use to use veneer as a way of saving forests and other reasons. For instance if you were to purchase a mahogany dresser. The mahogany will be in a veneer (fine slices of real mahogany over perhaps oak or some cheaper wood). Think about it. You would not be able to find many trees large enough to make furniture totally out of premium wood. Also when a piece is totally one cut of wood it will warp over time. There is quality veneer furniture and it is not inexpensive.
  • Open the drawers. You can tell by inspecting the wood from the inside.

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