• Because "supposedly" they are bred better, and more prestigious. With that said, I would never buy a pet, but rather go to humane society any day.
  • Companionship, and to fill a need I have to "take care" of something. (inv +6)
  • We never buy. We go to the Humane Society. They have great dogs and cats.
  • We didn't have just one purpose in buying our pets.We bought them for companionship,love of the breed(Maine Coons and German Shepherd dogs)certain personality characterisitcs,protection-Maine Coons will bring an intruder down as if they were a Cape Buffalo ;)
  • To share and love and take care of them.
  • For companionship.
  • I love animals.
  • We got our dog to expand our family
  • As a hobby, to enrich your life, it can be fun and pleasurable being responsible for looking after a living creature especially if you can play with them or enjoy watching them do their thing and they are less work and much cheaper than children. If you do a bad job with your pets they get ill and die on you, if you do a bad job on kids, they resent you for ever or get into drugs or end up in prison or commiting suicide so pets are easier in that respect too. Pet rats are the best, they are so interactive and cheeky and soft and fluffy! I have a tortoise because he is such a funny little thing, he is a bit boring but nice to have around. We have fish because they are decorative and relaxing so watch and a challenge to maintain the aquarium. My S/O and I enjoy going to pet stores and getting all the stuff in and choosing equipment etc for their habitats it is something that we do together.
  • For companionship and to have something cute to take care of that appreciates your love.
  • I don't buy either. I'd rather "rescue" one from the humane society. My wife and I love dogs, so we'll always have one. They're great companions and they're fun to play with.
  • Unconditional Love that pets provide.
  • For companionship for me and the pet! Also I would like to help a homeless animal find a good home!
  • The first pet I got was after my ex was killed. I just needed something and I didn't want to turn to drugs, alcohol, food or another man. I saw an ad in the paper for free kittens and I got one.
  • I will be honest, i got a dog for all the wrong reasons, i thought i was going to be fabulous like rich people and have a small dog to love carry around and hold, plus look rich, so i got a cocker spaniel, really cute, he grew up and kept jumping out of his designer bag and then i would have to chase him in heels looking real stupid. I eventually remembered that im not rich, im not Paris Hilton, and small dogs become big dogs and so i let my friend who loves dogs have him.
  • I've adopted all my pets for the companionship...and because I love them!
  • To make someone happy.Personally I don't prefer one as I have no time to look after them and their death griefs me a lot.
  • We never have a sole purpose and we rarely buy a pet. We acquire a pet for many reasons, mainly to share our lives with another living thing, to help make it's life better and hopefully for it to bring joy and love into our lives.
  • I bought our 2 dogs that we have now...but if i could do it all over again...I would of adopted from the Humane Society. It is people who buy who encourage people who love to make money from breeding dogs to keep on breeding them to make more money and then we have more animals in the pound when people buy a dog and don't really have the lifestlye to go with the breed. There are back-yard breeders who don't care about anything but making the poor bitch is bred every year and has puppies every year. That is so hard on her and in the meanwhile...Joe sticking more money in his pockets......never again will I buy a dog!
  • Our cat, Tigger ,adopted us. I'm not certain what his reasons were but I suspect it was because we fed him well and gave him love. We never questioned his motives..we were agreeable to the adoption! :)
  • I've NEVER bought a pet as I CHOOSE to adopt. Some have come from an animal shelter...the others came off the streets!!! One cat literally adopted me!!!

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