• never had a pet but ive thought of getting one
  • I don't remember. We had lots of pets. I remember a fat cat named Jimmy, A talking bird named Tommy. A dog named Cindy, my brother named a couple of ducks Tom and Girl. We had goats and rabbits and chickens and eventually cows and pigs.
  • The name of my first pet was either Tuffy or Patches. Tuffy was a cocker spaniel. He was run over. Patches was a mixed breed. He was poisoned by a neighbour. I don't remember which was first. That was way back in about 1950 or 51.
    • lavender
      Wow, that's so sad.
  • Ralph. She was my first red slider.
    • Linda Joy
      Did you name her Ralph before you knew she was a she?
    • FishyFish
    • lavender
      Male or female, it doesn't matter. That is an adorable name for a pet of either gender, particularly a female, since it is so unusual.
  • Charcoal, he was a darling black chihuahua:)

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