• I guess you want to be unique, no?
  • I certainly hope so
  • Yes. I know a girl that had her tongue pierced and got a bad infection. A part of her tongue had to be amputated and now her tongue is too short to be pierced.
  • Yes, although it is extremely unlikely for your tongue to be THAT short
  • i dont think your tongue could be too short, unless it was very very short. personally i dont like it when tongues are pierced right near the end of the tongue, so i guess some people who share my opinion might feel that their tongue is too short. also when i went to get mine peirced i was told that i had loads of veins under my tongue and there was only a small area that the peircing could go through. maybe if you had a small tongue the veins could cover more and so it couldnt be done.
  • Yes. I had it explained to me by a piercer when he would not pierce my friend's tongue because it was too short. The problem can be that the webbing under your tongue is so close to the tip that there is not enough room for the tongue ring in between.
  • A girl told me just the other day that she tried to get a tongue piercing and the piercer told her that her tongue was too short.

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