• Yes, a number of times, sadly.
  • Oh yes I have. I was grabbed in my sleep one night.
  • Yup. I used to live in downtown Toronto, in one of the not so nice areas. I was up at around 3am playing video games and heard a window break in the back yard. Now, the back yard lead to a garage and then an alley, so pretty much anyone could be back there. I lifted my blinds to see a shadowy figure moving around. . I didn't know what to do so I tried to wake up one of my house-mates. . "Dude! There is someone in the backyard!" "Ya right man. Once I open my door, you guys are gunna hit me with water balloons or something." "No seriously! Open up. There is a guy back there." . He opened up and saw that I was alone. Also that was wide-eyed and really jumpy. He came to my room and he looked out the window. The man was still there so we armed ourselves... the best way students could... with a frying pan and a lawn chair. None of us had any fighting skills so we figured kitchen knives were a bad idea. . We opened the side door and yelled at the guy and told him to leave, but he didn't. He just stayed in the shadows. There wasn't a lot of light so we couldn't even get a good look at him. . I went back inside and called 911. I gave my report and just before dispatching a car, the operator asked me the most bizarre question. . "Is he armed?" "I duno. It's dark." "Can you check?" "What? Absolutely not!" . About 5 minutes went by and the cops came. They put a light on the guy for the first time and he was covered in blood. The cops approached him cautiously and ordered him to the ground. The police took us away form the window and took our statements. By the time we were done, the guy was gone. and in his place were about 10 cops. . About an hour after all the cops left, some new guys showed up in full blown CDC bio suits showed up with cameras taking pictures of the area. I have no idea what happened. And the police never told us. . I assume it was a zombie.
  • Once when I was a teenager I was attacked by an owl. I was literally "scared stiff" and couldn't move.
  • Yes! I was bitten pretty badly on my legs by a neighbor's dog that was running loose! Very frightening!
  • Yes absolutely terrified on two occasions. Just frightened many tims.
  • I had a nightmare many years ago that my ex-wife was coming back to me. I used to wake up screaming in a cold sweat over that one.
  • Cape Buffalo stopping in front of our safari vehicle at night in Africa. Driver pulled a machete out from under his seat. Wished I was wearing rubber underwear;)
  • Yes, It was horrible !!! I walked in on my mother-in-law strapping on that hammock she calls a bra!!!! The inhumanity!! <<sobbing>>
  • Yes, I have had a gun pulled on me before.
  • I have been in some really bad situations in my life!
  • Yes. Abusive husbands have that effect on me.

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