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  • Wait it out. If he's really the one for you, he'll still be around in 4 or 5 years. Wait until you're financially and emotionally ready for marriage and you'll be a lot happier in the long run. Good luck!
  • i think if your seeking advice on AB, you should wait.
  • Don't EVER get married! It sucks..really.... and even if you do..your just gonna get divorced in a while just like all the other marriages.... Lemme tell you something..marriage is NOT love, it's just shitty business. :)
  • You could always have a VERY long engagement
  • Your still young I would wait a few years, but thats me.
  • You are not sure- do not marry yet. Just because you are not married to him does not mean you are not committed. Marriage is a big decision. You don't need to do it yet. If you ever were to split, it's a lot easier without a divorce and you are both young. You can always go defacto. Marriage reflects your love for one another. So does being in a relationship, having a partner. I'd stay with the latter right now if I were you, and in a few more years time when you've both gotten into work and experienced the world more, then I would perhaps give marriage a glance :]
  • how many marriages do you know have lasted from 17 on?
  • That's a tough one because I was your age when I got married, and 20 years later, I'm still married. Nobody can predict the future, but if you look deep in your heart, it should tell you if it's right. GOod luck.
  • You should wait if you're having doubts, you've got to be VERY sure of it if you're going to get married, it's a huge commitment, and it's SO much harder to get out of if you want to leave him or him leave you. ( Not saying it will happen, I'm explaining things to consider. )
  • I would wait. What are some of your goals - I mean both ways? If it's finish college then do that, then get married. You have your whole life before you and if you are both madly in love - then it will wait for only 1 or 2 years. If you get married and end up pregnant - then some of those big dreams may be put on hold - why not be smart and finish some of those goals. You will make it through and be even happier.
  • I'll give you an alternative solution, besides the obvious wait out method, if your afraid of losing him (saying no to a proposal can kill a relationship immediately depending on the guy) say yes to the proposal, but go long engagement for like 3 years. You can always get out of it then, if you regret it.
  • What does your gut instinct tell you?But then again,if you had to ask this question on AB,you may have doubts.If you have ANY doubts then you really need to stop and think about this.
  • First off with 17 you're not in the legal age to marry anyway so you had to wait with saying anything until you turn 18. then my personal advice. How long are you together with him now? more than 3 years? Becasue if you really want to mary him forever you should know him quite good before. I'm seeing loads of couples who are or are going to marry after a relationship of only 6 months or so. And that almost never works out. My personal advice would be to say no and stay in the relationship as it is until you're in your mid 20s at least. So many things will change but if you say yes now you will probably horribly regret it.
  • No, it would not be a good idea. Don't you want to better yourself and go to college. Are you resigned to be a babysitter all your life, depending on someone to nourish you. First you need to be self supporting, best way is get educated. After, graduation, if you still feel you want to marry this guy, you have my blessings, because you will at least be matured enough to make an important decision like getting married.
  • Wait a few years, it can't hurt.
  • I think you are to young wait a few years and see how you feel. At least until 21. You have a big future before you.
  • If u love him, go ahead!
  • Wait. you still have a large portion of your life to live happily ever after, no need to get there right away.
  • too young.wait til your 30s
  • I don't know the actual statistics on this, but I do know that people who marry in their teens have THE highest divorce rate, easily, over every other age group...... It's because you haven't developed physically, or mentally yet, and in a few years you'll be hitting the period of your life where the biggest changes will take place, that is until your mid 40's. I would advise against getting married. Take a few years, see if y'all are even together still, and at that time, maybe you'd stand a better chance. Good luck!
  • Too young. Tell him ''Later for you yo...''.
  • I think you should do what feels right. If wait, but are only doing so because other people tell you to, you won't be happy. I married young and don't regret it at all, but there were certainly times that I wished I did something more "normal" like go to college and such. However, at the time I was having none of the sort of advice that led to me waiting. There are potential regrets no matter what you decide, and the only right answer is the one that you're most comfortable with. There are worse things than divorce... why not live life to the fullest today and have whatever happiness you can hold onto. Good luck, whatever you decide.
  • i have been in situation v simulat i didnt want to get engaged coz it would have putr more strain on our relationship bein in diffo places so i got her a promise ring unfortunatley it didnt work out :(
  • Why do you have to make a decision right now? Enjoy life and remember how important he is to you!!
  • I think you are too young for that. You should wait.
  • first u sound a little unsure that he is the one for you 2nd you are way too young to know anything about what it takes to make a marriage work
  • Why get married. I think he wants to marry you so he can control you. 17 is way to young to get married. There is a lot of maturing before even thinking of marriage. He is only 19, what makes you think he is ready to accept the responsibility of marriage. He has no idea what he's talking about. Thiink for yourself, don't let him influence your decision.
  • don't get married just yet. if you really love him then tell him you will take a promise ring. GO TO COLLEGE!! my mom got mareried befiore she finished college and now she is a 45 year old college student. she made me and siblings promise to go to college before we even thought about getting married. take it from me you will be so much happier of you finish your education first
  • Does he have a good job? How many degrees has he earned? Do you really think he's capable of taking proper care of you? Don't let hormones ruin your life for you. You're at the very beginning of your life. Don't throw all the fun you should have for the next decade or so away for no good reason. Tell him, 'later, dude'.
  • make sure thats really what you want, how long have you guys been together? marriage is a big step and your young, you both have alot of growing and changing to do and are you sure your both goin to feel the same in 10 years? dont just jump into it, make sure you think before you accept.
  • NOOOOOOO!!! Please enjoy life! Don't rush into marriage!
  • Are you joking you have the next 60 years at least to live I say wait for a few years and see how it plays out from there not only that how long have you two been together
  • I think that would be rushing into things. You are so young & still have plenty of time! You two can keep dating each other, but take your time.
  • i think you might need to wait till youre 18 since youre underage or get your parents permission
  • i would wait till youre 18, its illegal for him to date you if youre underage anyways

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