• I'll help you out. I don't know the answer to you question but I can troll around for you and give you points if you'd like.
  • There is no way for you to do this but remember, it does not come off your points only your % and the troller is harming their own % when they downrate. +5 :o)
  • sorry it happened to me all last week and when i asked i was told the same thing , nothing you can do , but move on. they don't leave their names out of fear of retribution
  • Yeah; I have the same problem every now and then ... I just consider the source as an idiotic SOB, who hasn't got anything else better to do .... I've given you +5 ...
  • Contact a CL. They can trace DR's and will warn the person to stop. If the person does not stop, the CL can Penalty Box (PB) them.
  • I love you wording. haha (turd). I think you could write to feedback and they could check and see if it is the same person. People shouldn't be allowed to do this.
  • 4 points from a fellow victim......they should atleast have the nerve to leave a comment.....jeeze
  • +5 from happens to us all. they will get bored and go away...
  • I think it's a HOOT when someone rates you down because you don't agree with them. That's one of the benefits of living in the USA...we can have an opinion! Praise the Lord!
  • I am sorry your having this issue. I can assure you not much harm as it might seem as come from this. In fact more harm comes to the troll who down-rated you. A down-rate is just that your rate - only up-rates create points - the down-rates will never take away points but only lower the rating itself. As for percentages it does not effect yours at all but it will effect their percentage of ratings given. It will lower that rating of theirs and expose them for what they are. Your percentages for your questions and answers are when your questions and answers have been removed verses how many you have submitted. Your giving percentages is your percentages of ratings you have given or taken away. No ones actions can alter your own percentages. (only theirs). How to deal with this is to go to the bottom of your profile page and seek the word feedback in blue words at the bottom of the page. Click it and a small form will be there for you to fill out. You will also have a space provided to explain to the staff what is going on. The staff are the only ones who can see who is rating what. (unless the troll informs you themselves). The reason for this is to keep a down-rating war from breaking out. Although this may not be your intent, we all know there are member here would would lash back in this manner. Trolls want you to post questions about them so they can see the results they have worked at giving. Letting them know your bothered will keep them coming back. Don't give them the satisfaction of knowing they can harm you and this alone will kill them dead.
  • Welcome to the internet and the malcontents, morons and idiots who are just smart enough to have learned to use a PC. Some people are just downright mean spirited and have enough self loathing as to do these anti social and ignorant actions.
  • Just ignore them, and do as I do: Think that you are not in AB for points, you are here to help people. These +6 points is to encourage you to keep going. Have a nice day.
  • One of the best things about AB comes with the fact that there just aren't that many trolls that hang out here. Many dialogue/opinion sites are downright loaded with 'em, making participation unenjoyable. As has been pointed out in this thread, the AB system has been set up so that DR's have no meaningful effect on your positive point rating. That being the case, no matter how often you may get hit, we can just laugh it off to ignorance, giving the trolls no attention whatsoever. Soon, not being able to get their jollies off annoying folks, they go to sites where they can get that kind of satisfaction. In other words, never give a troll the satisfaction of knowing that they have found somebody they can mess with. Also, when you, yourself, spot someone's answer/opinion that has been unfairly DR'd, consider "positrolling" it, i.e., plus-pointing it, even if you might not agree. Many of us do that just to keep the AB folks functioning as a Friendly Family. It drives trolls nutz! :-) Finally, as a point of interest, have YOU ever downrated anyone for his/her opinion? Many of us never DR...regardless. Here's +5 to soothe the "pain"...and giving us the opportunity to explain to many ABer's why they SHOULDN'T even give trolls attention whatsoever.

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