• No and I didn't know that anyone did. o_o
  • I've never heard of a birthday spanking before. Which countries practice it?
  • Until I got online I had never heard of this practice. It is something only Americans have told me about. I find it rather barbaric.
    • Crazychick
      Barbaric? Not if the person receiving the spanking enjoys it. Lol:)
  • Here's what Wikipedia said about birthday spankings: Birthday spanking In some cultures there is a custom to spank a person for fun on his or her birthday. Customarily, the person receives the number of smacks corresponding to his or her age. Often included is "one to grow on," a final swat harder than the rest.[citation needed] A "coming of age" spanking on a person's 18th or 21st birthday is a particular tradition in some school or college settings in North America. A similar custom applies for the 18th birthday in Poland ("18-stka Pasowanie") when the celebrant receives 18 hard whacks on the backside with a belt; there exist online numerous video clips illustrating this custom.[31] I've received a "Real" spanking on the 4th of July once from my mom but thats about it as far as getting it on a holiday.
  • I don't know where they came from but I always got them either from my parents or at school on my birthday (sometimes both!). The ones at school were given with a wooden paddle (a gentle swat for each year then a "pinch to grow an inch") and at home I had to bend over the kitchen table and got a gentle spanking with my mom's hand followed by a hug. Actually when I turned 16 I got 3 spankings on my birthday. One was by the teacher in homeroom that morning, with a wooden paddle, then my best friend gave me another birthday spanking before gym class with a yardstick, then that night my mom gave me another birthday spanking over my jeans while I bent over the kitchen table. I got my last one when I was 18, once at school with the paddle, then that night my dad gave me another spanking with his hand over my jeans when I bent over the kitchen table. My dad didn't spank very hard, but he spanked harder than my mom ever did. I guess he figured since I was turning 18 he wanted to make sure I got a good spanking. I miss getting birthday spankings. They were always fun and it just didn't feel like my birthday unless I got a spanking.
  • Never heard of that practice.
  • I had a real spanking on my birthday once (my 14th) after my dad spotted me smoking underage.
  • "many Greeks and Romans of ancient times believed that a spirit attended the birth of each human and protected that one throughout life.

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