• It depends upon her age in part...and just because it's bugging the heck out of spelled She'll as in "She will" so that your post reads SHELL as in something you find at the sea shore...don't be so lazy and maybe you'll get more responses in a timely manner! Just a thought... Maybe if the two of you are under the age of 18, your girlfriend is not wholly comfortable with the level of fooling around you two are doing. However, she may also feel that the behavior is EXPECTED of her, and so she sometimes runs "hot" and other times..."cold" in her affections and demonstrations of feeling. I'd suggest that you have an honest talk with her ; and find out what's on her mind. Good luck! In case you really just HAVE NO CLUE AT ALL... My girlfriend acts funny sometimes. (Like) She'll act differently during the day; but then, when night comes we're all over each other. Then the next morning, she'll act funny again. I think it's (cause) because she's kinda shy; but, I don't know. Does anybody know what's wrong? Do you SEE the difference here? MOURNING is what you do when someone has DIED. Morning is what comes after night! If you want to use a contraction, ADD the correct punctuation so that you appear to be as intelligent as you PROBABLY ARE! Kinda...NOT knida. You might think writing like this makes you look COOL...sorry, it doesn't. It makes you look stupid and lazy...USE YOUR SPELL CHECKER AT LEAST! lol AND Good on you, that you NOTICED something seems "wrong" with her behaviors...shows you care! Move forward with becoming THE BEST you can be...I think you have something good to offer the world.
  • your girlfriend knows whats wrong, go ask her

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