• Yes, why would this not be allowed? We live in a society where we don't muzzle people just because we hold different views. It's called civil disagreement. If this seems like a challenging concept imagine prohibiting fundamentalist religion from appearing on TV.
  • Of course. I'm sure Pro Lifers do it. Edit: WTF....I was answering a different question and it changed on me lol.
  • Sure....I dont like when people try to dictate to me what I can and cannot see on television.
  • Yes. Information on options are always a good thing.
  • Erm, sorry I did ask two questions but I have no idea what happened there, the joys of AB. I don't think pro-lifers do, at least not on British tv, but they will if pro-choice do, I'd assume.
  • I have a son who hears everything and already wish they would keep advertisements that weren't safe for all viewers off of the radio and television. I don't think controversial issues should be discussed where little ears could hear. So no, I do not think they should be allowed. Besides, who's mind will they be changing? I don't know of a single person who's having trouble deciding what side of this argument they are on.
  • Absolutely. They provide a valuable service. And just because they offer it, doens't mean anyone has to agree or make use of their services.
  •'s called FREEDOM OF CHOICE......
  • I guess it depends on what you want to use the Constitution for. My take is I prefer to live under the rule of law, and the 1st Amendment guarantee of the Freedom of Speech is an esential part of maintaining the freedom to do so.
  • Sure. If one doesn't like them they can change the channel. However, perhaps they should be run after prime time.
  • I don't see why not. Pro lifer's do. And then there's that pesky freedom of speech thing we have here in the states....... I just wish they would do it during prime time or late nite. I'm getting tired of explaining things like erectile dysfunction to my children. Grrrrr........
  • I don't personally advocate abortion, but the organisations that are the current topic of the media are for sexual health advice centres that offer a range of options and services. Information is invaluable, should be accessible, however sexual information should be granted after the watershed to protect the younger children and those whose parents are trying to raise properly. Lets face it, for the teenagers that are in need of these services, they sure as hell aren't staying in after school, doing their homework, having their tea and off to bed after the soaps to get up early for a productive day at school the next day. These ones will be up watching tv after the watershed if they are in their homes at all.
  • What pro-choice services are you referring to?
  • Sure. In my area, crisis pregnancy centers advertise on TV all the time. People should be allowed to know what their options are.
  • May as well. Everything else is on TV.
  • As long as the Anti- are then why not? IT's only my opinion neither should be advertising because the decision is one that each individual should make on their own without the interference of organizations, religions, governments.
  • I am of the school of thought where I am bothered by groups who try to dictate what I can view vs not view. It seems the older I get the more big brother is at the helm and thats scary to me. I think people should not be so concerned about whats on tv. They should be concerned about having specific liberties taken away from them. Secondly, the question addressed pro-choice advertising being viewed on tv. Anyone has a right to (at least in the U.S.) to advertise what they want so long as it stays within the guidelines of what is considered acceptable content by the F.C.C. I will say this to, that if someone doesnt like what they are watching or does not agree with the content or the message, the beauty of information is that we have the power to either turn the tv to a different channel or turn the tv off entirely.
  • Don’t see why not, be a waste of money though.
  • You know that's a great question...I'm 50 plus and I've always be torn between my Catholic up bringing,my Social consienceness and good old Common Sense on this right-to-life and pro-choice controversy. Having seen young people and couple's grapple with this and callous women use it as a form of birth contol with both sides shouting "There ott'a be a law!" My call on this one would be..take it to the Supreme Court so both sides know they got a chance to express themselves and the isusse will be resolved with the best of the Constitution/Law/Justice appllied by the best minds.

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