• Physically, this is true because words are nothing more than compressed air being forcefully pushed out from the nether regions of your insides.
  • Not true. Words can hurt in tons of ways, here are a few: Namecalling and insults can hurt a person emotionally. Betraying a person by telling their secrets can perhaps also put them in physical jeopardy, depending on the secret (expose an undercover cop and what happens). Lies about a person hurt can also redult in poor treatment from others who believe the lies. Tell everyone the new neighbor had aids in the 80"s and no one would give him a job, so he'd be hungry, people might beat him up or even kill him. A diplomat who says the wrong thing could put human lives at steak in numerous ways. And isn't war usually declared, at least initially, verbally.
  • Harsh words are like putting nails into a board, you can take them back but they will always leave a scar.
  • Words can hurt and this term is useless unless it comes along with some guidance on establishing boundaries.
  • No. Not true at all. I am like a walking scar from numerous things, I have yet to break a bone but I have had a fair share of physical pain. I'll tell you now, it is nothing compared to words. Words stay with you forever. They don't heal, they don't go away, they don't leave a cool scar that you can tell people about. They torment you. Same with what people do, and some actions people take. Sometimes what is actually done is no where near as bad as the reason behind it, or the mind games it plays with you. At least physical pain can fade. Words, you can't make them disappear
  • i dont think its true because once someone as said something that hurts you they cant take it back, you will remember them words even if they say sorry. Also when people lie to you that hurts aswell.
  • Words can be very painful and take a lot longer to get over (if you ever do). You can't "unsay" something so think before you speak.
  • Words can sting, I think. We are all sensitive about certain things in our lives and we all want people to treat us with respect, so if we are attacked even verbally by people who deliberately seek to exploit those weaknesses, the psychological pain can be very intense. Apart from that, some words can also cause death. "Ready.....aim......FIRE!!"
  • It is startlingly obvious that these words are not true, look at what the Rutgers team did to Don Imus, or how Opie and Anthony were suspended for joking on satelite (not free, but radio you pay for) with a homeless person. This country is getting pathetic with all p.c. crap. A joke is not hate speech, the KKK, and MS13 are race hate incarnet, not radio hosts who become cannon fodder for scum who want to advance their political carrers.
  • No.Having had domestic abuse,both physical and emotional,it is all hurtful and harmful.
  • No, it isn't true. Words are more powerful than one knows. Emotional wounds take a whole lot longer to heal than physical ones! I think that saying was made for children dealing with name calling a long time ago, as a come back. Still yet words can haunt you, leaving you with an emotional scar that is always there to remind you, just like a physical scar. Thus leaving this question a double standard in a way.
  • For me, it would depend entirely upon the source of the words. If they came from someone whom I loved, a dear friend, a family member, I would certainly be crushed. They know who I am and therefore the wound would be deep. If it were from a stranger...someone who doesn't know anything about wouldn't bother me at all. It would be ridiculous.
  • Not true...words do hurt and they actually stay with you longer.
  • Not true. I suffered verbal abuse all through my childhood and adolescence. It has had an enormous impact upon my relationships with people and my reactions to things. I can hardly remember getting hit with the feather duster, but I remember the words,even to this day.
  • No. People can say cruel things that affect you for the rest of your life.
  • I'd rather take a beating than be called names every day day in and day out because it does hurt your feelings at least a beating would last only minutes.
  • Word can HURT just as much as being hit with a stick or a stone, infact they can hurt even moe cause they stay with you.
  • Not true! To me words hurt more than being hit!
  • It's utter bull crap, and anyone who beleives it to be true is a fool. Here's a better way to say it. "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words can crush my spirit."
  • Words are often sharper than daggers. Some people have thick skin, and it'd be nice if we all did, but I can honestly say verbal abuse is terrible.
  • No. Physical pain hurts less than emotional pain for a lot of the people that have told me what hurts more. Ask yourself... would you rather remember hurtful words that felt like a knife was stabbing you in the throat for years and years or would you rather pain that could heal in less than a year? Words hurt more. People who say words will never hurt them are just trying to put on a shield. Words do hurt.
  • False. Sticks and stone may break bones, but words can break the heart.
  • False. Broken bones can heal rather quickly, but the psycological damage done by cruel, vindictive, or even careless words can haunt someone for a lifetime.
  • false. i'll never forget a phrase i heard "i love you, but - "...that crushed me. i'd rather have a broken leg than relive that argument. [btw father and daughter]. or seeing my friends be told that they should have been an abortion baby. things like that affect the way a person is the rest of their life. some broken bones may affect a person wrong depending on the weather or something...but words...words are lethal when used wrong
  • This is so untrue. God tells us to forgive, and even though we do, we still have the hurt.
  • Absolutely not. In my experience as a therapist it has been words and deeds which have done the most long term damage...not bruises or broken bones (even tho' those are awful too). Anyone who is being abused physically is also being abused emotionally and psychologically. Children are often dreadfully damaged by name calling...damage by words goes straight to the psyche.

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