• As in Jupiter's satellite? If so... Mean radius is 1569 km. Mass is 4.8 * 10^22 kg.
  • If I remember correctly, it's about the same size and mass as Earth.
  • 1) Which Europa are you talking about? "Europa is a beautiful Phoenician princess in Greek mythology. Her name is the name for Europe in Latin and other languages. Europa may also refer to: - Europa Island, a small island in the Indian Ocean which is a possession of France, part of the Îles Éparses - Europa (moon), the smallest of the Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter - 52 Europa, the seventh-largest asteroid known" Source and further information (with many other meanings): 2) Here some data about Jupiter's moon: "Orbital characteristics Epoch January 8, 2004 Periapsis 664 862 km Apoapsis 676 938 km Mean orbit radius 670 900 km Eccentricity 0.009 Orbital period 3.551 181 d Average orbital speed 13.740 km/s Inclination 0.470° (to Jupiter's equator) Satellite of Jupiter Physical characteristics Mean radius 1569 km (0.245 Earths) Surface area 3.09×107 km2 (0.061 Earths) Volume 1.593×1010 km3 (0.015 Earths) Mass 4.80×1022 kg (0.008 Earths)" Source and further information:
  • I will tell you what, I don't even know you, so I will worry about the size om my own ropa, and you wory about the size of europa. And don't ask people such personal questions before at least introducing yourself! Geesh, how rude.

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