• No you just loose our suppport, all of it.
  • Here's the link in case it doesn't show up:
  • It is not as simple as that. Research needs popular consent: researchers should not do things that the people at large find ethically unacceptable. On the other hand, a small but vociferous minority should not be able to override the wishes of the large majority. I think that, in this case, a significant of the population, including many religious people, are happy for Stem Cell research to go ahead with safeguards; those opposing are only a small minority. But this is something which requires affirmation via the democratic process, not just stating as an assertion.
  • Yes, Blackberry. The religious argument against stem cell research is without foundation and is an example of political correctness gone horribly awry. To pit a lump of undifferentiated cellular material against the life and well-being of a born human is an abomination. This bunch will want to legislate our sperm and ova next. A guy won't even be able to masturbate in peace. :p
  • I strongly feel that science and not fringe dogma should guide research. We should be sensitive to every religious belief, but not hamstrung by any small but loud minority. If Christian Scientists were in charge, we would have no medical research of any kind.
  • well....I am FAR from being a scientist! But stem cells can be found in umbilical cord blood. There are (as far as I know) ways around the so-called taboo stem cell research. They just dont want to do it that way.
  • The sensitivity of these people is not as much a factor as is their ignorance. The research can be done without even coming anywhere near tampering with life. That is exactly what the president just put into legislation in the last few weeks. Those who continue belaboring the issue are willfully ignorant of the benefits of the research and would rather see their fellow children of God continue to suffer with curable disabilities than allow a single, soon to be discarded, stem cell go under the microscope. It's the same kind of attitude that kept us in Iraq for so long when our initial incursion was based on faulty and manufactured intelligence concerning WMDs. Everyone should have a voice and a vote, but only when properly informed.
  • Oh, HELL yes! What do they have? Shooting doctors, bombing clinics, racist televangelists, neo-con supporters. Not ONE child has been helped by their ignorance. Do the stem cell research! Kids deserve rational chances.
  • i am 100% for anything that can help children.i spent way too much time at Shans hospital in Gainsville and far too many kids with all sorts of cancers.i don't care what these wackos say they are ignorant of what helping people is.oh and i am Christian.
  • This is my problem with it: "The researchers painstakingly dissected and cultured cochlear cells from 9- to 11-week-old human fetuses." This is also my problem with humanity, to think this is OK. I'm just a dumb ass electrician who go's to work everyday to support 4 awesome kids (who fortunately never got a chance to be harvested) and even I see a problem with it. Everyone loves to talk about the plight of humanity. The suffering, disease, homelessness, oppression and every other possible pain under the sun but this... this is somehow OK?! Sorry folks, I'd rather be a blind, deaf quadriplegic with parkinson's and a touch of alzheimers and it has nothing to do with being overly religious, a human is a human is a human... Does nobody comprehend this?!

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