• Do you still have a manufacturers and/or store (where you purchased it) extended warranty? If so then pull those warranties out and read the instructions for getting repairs. You did get an extended store warranty for this device, right? If so you could just go to the store of purchase and have them look up your warranty and depending on what kind of coverage either get the machine replaced, or it can be taken to a certified service dealership. If you do not have a warranty: 1. There should be a 1-800 number (toll free) with your owners manual to the manufacture of the PS2 where such things as service and repairs can be done even after warranty has expired (yes it will cost you money). 2. If Option 1 is no good for you for some reason a computer Service Center (where they not only do software but work on hardware as well) will have the tools and most likely the experience with CD-Disk drives from computers to fix the door.

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