• Lions like water.
  • No, the bigger cats seem to like it at times.
  • No. Particularly, Van cats are renowned for swimming happily. Also, search the web and you will see pictures of swimming cats.
  • We have had several Turkish Vans over the years and they don't care if they get wet. They just sit out in the rain sometimes and come home completely soaking wet.
  • I think most cats do. However you will always find the odd one who loves it and will go swimming but they are few and far between.
  • No, there are individuals that love water and some like the Turkish Vans, that love swimming. Most of our cats like playing with water, dipping their paws in it and putting their toys in the water and trying to fish them out. But bath time is another matter.
  • ""One of the two accepted breeds in Turkey, the Van Cat is now known in Britain as the Turkish Cat. Originating in the Lake Van area of southeastern Turkey, these cats have been domesticated for centuries (in fact for as long as the famous Saluki Hound); they are much loved and prized by the Turks for their exceptional character and unique colouring. Apart from their great capacity for affection and alert intelligence, their outstanding characteristic is their liking for water, not normally regarded as a feline attribute. They not only dabble in water and play with it, but have been known to enter ponds and even horse-troughs for a swim – they soon became famous as the 'swimming cats.' " Source and further information: Further information:
  • Not all of them. My Persian cat can catch fish very easily from the pond.
  • Tigers don't.
  • No I had 2 Turkish cats as a child & they love to swim.
  • most cats do, however there are breeds both domestic and wild which love water and there is even a population of lions which maintain the stereotypical instinctive haterd of water but learn to not let it bother them (pass that on to their young.)
  • No, some seem to be rather fascinated by water. I used to know one such cat. After we would get done taking a shower or bath, she would jump into the still wet tub, to watch the water go down the drain. The sound of the last few drops going down, really kept her attention. When out side, she would walk right through the sprinklers with out being fazed too.
  • no mine likes to play in it.:)
  • Not all of them
  • Hungry tigers don't hate water:
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  • My pussy loves water
  • Not mine.They don't mind baths, are fascinated by water and have been boating with us :)
  • I have a cat that loves water..
  • There is a couple in Russia that keeps a fishing cat in their apartment. When feeding time rolls around, they fill up the bath tub, drop in live fish, and the cat jumps right in.
  • My cats are absolutely fascinated by water dripping in the bathtub or sink and love it when I turn it on barely and then they can drink it or just sit and stare at it. But if it is turned on full force they take off!
  • No. We had a cat who would regularly jump into the fish pond, and on hot days would dangle his front paws in the water. Van cats in particular are very fond of water, and enjoy swimming.
  • My cat doesn't like to be in the water, however she loves to play with. She likes to splash it around and watch it.
  • Mai cat Tickles luffs playing with bubbles in the bath :3

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