• Almighty,soul,miracles
  • The need for sleep and also hic-ups.....the reason for them, not their physical response and mechanism..... Is a lot out their any particular field.....?
  • How a bumble bee manages to fly.
  • How a single living cell ever formed on earth. How these plant cells could reproduce and how some changed to "animal" cells. Theories abound. But, it is still a mystery. There is no real "explanation". Scientists have no clue. I know,..I had classes under some of the best. They were honest.
  • The existence of soul!
  • science cannot explain whether universe is infinite or does it have boundaries.).
  • My female mind
  • science cant expain love
  • Why women have more blonde moments(brain farts) than men.
  • Ball lightning.
  • A great deal. We can't unify quantum mechanics and gravity. We don't know how life on Earth began. We do not understand the brain to any great extent as yet. However I think most, if not all, of these will one day be answerable. Maybe not, maybe we will find new problems but we are making great progress (compare with what we understood only 1000 years ago). Are there questions science can't answer? Sure. Classical music is better than rock music - this is a subjective position (although we may one day be able to explain why some people prefer one artistic style over another in terms of the brain activity etc). Ethics and morals are again something that science can't really answer, we turn to moral philosophy. There are others. As for unfalsifiable arguments (unicorns exist) science can get pretty close to these but in a strict sense can never fully give an answer one way or the other. It can say one side of the argument is incredibly unlikely but it can't answer it for certain as they do not fit scientific method (which is another debate completely). It doesn't matter how may arguments and so forth I throw at the unicorn concept, or goblins, or conspiracy theories there will always be an ad hoc jump involved on the part of the proposer which makes a definite statement impossible. This of course doesn't make them real (in fact we can use science to show these concepts to be incredibly unlikely but not 100% false). This is opposed to something like a scientific theory which should have a definite way of disproving it (i.e. you can disprove Newton's Law of Gravity by finding a gravitational situation which doesn't fit his equations). In this sense scientific theories are much more useful and 'honest' than say a conspiracy theory. Science is for describing an objective reality. Subjective matters such as art and music are for now outside the remit of science. Doesn't mean they will always be so. Some are unscientific statements that science can say "well pretty damned unlikely but I can't affirm a universal negative". And there are some things that science can't answer as yet but will hopefully one day be taught to primary school children. Science is what it is, it is not the study of every aspect of life but it is a wonderful tool for understanding the universe in many aspects. It can't decide whether Everest is prettier than Ben Nevis but it sure as hell can tell you which is higher.
  • Thanks to Scott Adams and Dilbert:
  • Science will explain everything, it just hasn't yet.
  • There are many things. When some thing happens, an incident or an accident, three questions arise - what, how and why. You will get an answer to the first question within a short period of time. It is physical in nature. You have to spend more time to answer the second question. It is mental in nature. Different persons may give different answers for the third question. But you will never get a true answer for it - it is philosophical in nature.
  • How miracles occur
  • MEN!!!
  • For now, the creation of life...which is why God exists at the moment. For later, maybe not.
  • Who is flying all those UFOs, and where do they come from.
  • 7-9-2017 Science can not explain how a person decides something. According to science everything is subject to laws, but personal decisions are not. Even the laws of logic do not apply.
  • Missing socks

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