• I mean...I'd be mad. I doubt your husband thinks it's fair to have to choose between his best friend and wife, but the choice should be easy if it must be made (YOU!). However, why can't he just hang out with his best friend without you? My boyfriend and my best friend can't stand each other, so I make time for each of them separately.
  • I think your husband is in the wrong. Even if I despised a friend's wife or girlfriend, I might admit to him that I wasn't keen, but I would never resort to calling her names like that, out of respect to him as much as anything.
  • You have every right to be angry. Your husband should have stood up for you without any questions asked.
  • If your husband is taking sides with a person who insulted his wife you have been doubly insulted and should handle it in a reasonable manner. I wouldn't allow him back in my home EVER.
  • Im sorry to say this but if your husband will not stand up for when this guy or anyone else calls you names then he agrees with him, your husband thinks your a b***ch too. The only thing that worked for me is to call your husband and equally harsh name, just pull it out of nowhere. it will surprise him and he ask you what was that for and tell him because he didnt stand up for you. Then how does it feel to be called a bad name like that?
  • It depends. (Please Note: I honestly mean this, in a terms of answering the question. I am not trying to offend.) Are you a bitch? If you are, then there is nothing wrong with it. And just so you know, most of my female friends are bitches and they admit it. In fact, all of my girlfriends have been bitches and I told them several times as a term of endearment. Some people like bitches (like myself and, if you are one, your husband), but that doesn't mean that everyone has to. Also if you are a bitch, then you husband doesn't really have any defending to do. If you aren't a bitch, then do the non-bitchy thing by calling this man up and telling him that you are sorry you came off the wrong way/rubbed him wrong. You hope to make it up to him and being friends with him (or at least on good terms with him) means a lot to you because you love your husband. Since he's your husbands best friend, he probably loves your husband too and will respect you for this as well as accept - for he probably has the same want. If this doesn't work, he is the asshole, not you and tell your husband about that. This is just my humble opinion and I really am not trying to offend you at all. I hope everything works out for the best.
  • What is wrong with your husband? Is he a chicken? You have a right to be angry. That's so incredibly wrong. I would wonder about my hubby if that happened?
  • Your husband has a boyfriend yet what pisses you off is that he doesn't stand up for you? Whew!
  • You have every right to be angry regardless of the circumstances he should not allow his friend to call you any derogatory names he should be ashamed of himself. Also I find it very strange that his friend felt comfortable enough to call you such a name in front of your husband, to me that speaks volumes about what kind of man and husband your husband is. You should let your husband know exactly how you are feeling and take it from there, I think that he owes you an explanation.
  • well did u act like a bitch at all to him. u shouldnt make your hubby pick you over his best friend ( i hope u didnt mean boyfriend). if u went way out of your way to be nice, then u have a right to be mad, if u were a lil bit of a bitch, then get over it and make peace with the guy. word to your mother.
  • Your husband needs some lessons on loyalty and what it means. I would be upset too and I think your husband is a skunk for not being outraged. Does he not understand that by insulting you the "BF" is disrespecting him too? I hope you show him these answers. Maybe it will wake him up. Good luck.
  • I would be furious.
  • Was this said in front of your hsb? I've been called a b*!*ch before, and sometimes deserved it, but never in front of my hsb. In fact there have been situations (such as in resturants and/or pubs) where my hsb has asked an entire group of men to watch their language because "there's a lady present". My hsb may not be perfect, but he has always shown respect for me, and made sure others showed respect, as well. If this was done w/o your hsb present (which most cowards will do) then you need to stay away from this guy because he's just trouble (and a coward) and a manipulator. Yes, you have a right to be angry, but until he's really out of line with you in front of your hsb, its just your word against his, and he'll be able to explain it away every time. I hate to tell you this, but this guy can be a cancer to your relationship to your hsb. Try to keep a distance from this guy & say nothing bad about him & maybe your hsb will see that it is HIM & not you that is the problem. I haven't personally been in the situation you're in, but a friend of mine has & it was hard on her. Good Luck!
  • I personally think "bitch" is a great compliment. Then again I was not there to see the facial expression or tone of voice so don't know if he was trying to commend you or insult you. I would not let this eat me up. If my husband wanted to associate with a guy that disrespected me, that is fine but he would not be welcome in our home. I hope your husband isn't "bi" with this dude because most men would not tolerate any disrespect shown toward their wife and mother of their children.
  • You should demand an explanation right away and tell him you dont approve of somone so rude!
  • If your husband won't say anything,then you need to.Actually,you shouldn't need to wait for your husband to say anything.
  • yes, be as angry as get up! I have to say, my man, isnt really what one would call a "sweety" can be rude, obnoxious, insensitive, etc. THAT SAID, if anyone ever disrespected me like that (best friend included) he would knock the assholes head right off. defending your family is part of life! as for youer husband, he either just doesnt give a shit about you or he is too much of a coward to stand up for you(im betting on the latter.) as for these guys on here who say you had no right to ask him to chose between you. I differ!!! Once this man disrespected you, that SHOULD have been the end of that relationship. point should never have HAD to ask him to chose. He made the choice to be family with you when he married you.
  • I wonder what advantage it is to you to be angry? If you need that type of release, then by all means be angry. Personally, I hate being angry about things. It doesn't feel good, and I don't like it. What do you want to do? Get rid of the husband? Feel angry? Never mind the nonsense, and just go on with your life? The choice is up to you.
  • Wow that's really tough..I probably become worse than before..that would justify their actions but who cares important thing is you have the fun to be the best or worst b**** so you go girl..and get em good!!
  • Right to be angry? Perhaps. It's only natural. But you're going to have to let him choose his friends. I would find it reasonable to ask that he doesn't come around the house, but I'm sure you wouldn't let him choose whether you see your friends or not.
  • Being angry may be right. But please don't waste your time eating you up. Just find the better way to make things clear. As long as I understand, the idea to let your husband choose between his wife and his bestfriend didn't work. At least you have learn something. Now, try something else. Stay calm. Some good questions to ask yourself are : What is at stake? What is to win and what is to loose ? What do you really want ? What price are you ready to pay to get it ? Neither overvalue nor unervalue such incidents like the one which actually upsets you so much. Luck helps people who help honestly themselves.

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