• Generally the misuse of 'there/their/they're' When people use NO punctuation at all. But i usually let it roll off me. Hardly anyone speaks/writes properly in any language. It's all about 'chat speak' and that rubbish.
  • When talking about NASA's "Vechile Assembly Building" (The VAB) at Kennedy Space Center in in Cape Canaveral, Florida I hear people say "The VAB building". I don't know why but that just gets under my skin. "Vehicle assembly building building". I have stopped correcting them but it still bothers me. Silly, I know. BTW: You have a chance to watch history in the making tonight at 7:43 p.m. EST (2343 GMT) when the space shuttle Discovery will embark on a construction mission to the International Space Station. Discovery will be carrying the fourth and final solar power module for the U.S. part of the station, a $100 billion project of 16 nations. The crew includes Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, who will be left behind to serve as a station flight engineer and the first Japanese to live on the outpost. Watch Live!
  • There are many that really annoy me (see Pixie's answer), but particularly the use of 'of' instead of 'have' - e.g. 'I should of told him'. Just typing it makes me want to scream!
  • those ones instead of those I even find myself saying it too grrrr
  • Nothing. I was an English major and I know the difference between exasperate and exacerbate but when others use them improperly I don't cringe, nor "look down on" them nor feel it is my job to critique them and set them straight. What annoys me are those Grammar/Spelling Police who pounce on others and show off their extreme "expertise/knowledge".... I think they are simply trying to make themselves look good at another's expense. Happy Sunday! :)
  • Their are many, mistakes that really get on my nerves. Among those are those who's speling, and grammar are wrong. Try not to end sentences in prepositions, because I don't see what that's for. I never really split hairs, so I don't care too much. Everyone makes mistakes, especially me. It's when people become grammar police that I find even more annoying! :D
  • When it comes to the written word, like here on AB I just ignore it, usually. One word that really bugs me however is irregardless. It's not a word, although it has been used so frequently that it is now in the dictionary.
  • anything in ebonics
  • I actually like a grammatical incorrection or two when they are done on purpose for humour. Like when someone says something like 'Hey man, can you borrow me your frisbee?' I think it shows the fantastic flexibillity of our language!

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