• bio oil will reduce scaring and you do notice a difference after using it but its quite expensive and i think you can only get it from chemists. other than that the colour of scars will fade with time. there are some see through plasters that you can buy now and they are supposed to hide the scar but ive never tried them
  • I've used a silicon pad, i got from a dermitologist, bandage it on and it really does reduce the appearance of long been sacrs.
  • ya. look on TV commercials and in magazines. They will be there.
  • Mederma Skin Gel, I use the walmart brand of the same thing.
  • I have heard that real vitaman E the stuff in the caplets will soften scar tissue and smooth out skin if you rub it on them. But i don't know.
  • I use shea butter it helped me even out a scar on my face with the rest of my skin. Cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, and olive oil work too.
  • coco butter
  • Have you ever heard of a woman named Paula Begoun? I came across one of her books in the library and I've been hooked since. Paula has "25 years of extensive experience in the beauty industry, combined with in-depth research and study of skin and cosmetic ingredients." She is "the author and publisher of seven best-selling books on the beauty industry...has sold more than 2.5 million copies of her books and is also a syndicated columnist, with her “Dear Paula” column appearing in papers throughout North America. Her work as a nationally-recognized consumer expert for the cosmetics industry has led to repeat appearances on CNN, as well as programs such as Oprah, The Today Show, 20/20, Dateline NBC, The View, and Primetime....Well-known for her extensive knowledge of the cosmetics industry, she is a respected resource amongst professionals in a variety of fields impacting the world of skin care. Over the years Paula has been and remains a consultant for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, major cosmetics companies, and industry insiders." I buy all my skin and hair care products from her line, she's so good! And I never go to the drugstore without reading her dead-on and revealing reviews of skin and hair care products and their ingredients (here's a sample of them on her website: Anyways, on her website,, she talks about a couple of the treatments for scars: MADERMA ( "Mederma Cream SPF 30 ($34.49/1.76 ounces) Keeping wounded skin or a fresh scar protected from sunlight is critical to healing and/or how the scar will change in appearance over time. This sunscreen is one way to do that, and it provides avobenzone for UVA protection. However, believing that it works to make scars look better due to its onion extract is not going to lead to satisfaction. A comparative study examining the effects of Mederma’s onion extract with plain Vaseline revealed no difference in scar appearance at the outcome, and other studies have disproven Mederma’s claims about onion extract as well (Sources: Dermatologic Surgery, February 2006, pages 193–197; and Archives of Dermatology, December 1998, pages 1512–1514). Despite the lack of efficacy for scars, this product deserves a happy face rating for its merit as a good sunscreen for normal to dry skin." VITAMINE E Vitamin E--though "one of the most well-known and researched antioxidants" and deserving, according to Paula, of being in the antioxident hall of fame (see below link for 8 things Vitamin E does)--isn't good either as a scar treatment. ( "...Research published in Dermatologic Surgery, April 1999, pages 311–315, concluded that the " shows that there is no benefit to the cosmetic outcome of scars by applying vitamin E after skin surgery and that the application of topical vitamin E may actually be detrimental to the cosmetic appearance of a scar. In 90% of the cases in this study, topical vitamin E either had no effect on, or actually worsened the cosmetic appearance of scars. Of the patients studied, 33% developed a contact dermatitis to the vitamin E." The study was done double-blind "with patients given two ointments each labeled "A" or "B." "A" was Aquaphor, a regular emollient, and the "B" was Aquaphor mixed with vitamin E. Patients were asked to put the A ointment on part A and the B ointment on part B twice daily for 4 weeks." The conclusion was that vitamin E applied on the skin doesn't appear to reduce the appearance or formation of scars. However, as many dermatologists will attest, many patients believe vitamin E prevents or reduces the appearance of scars, thus its usage and anecdotal results continue." PAULA'S SKIN LIGHTENER However, in Paula's product line, she sells a skin lightener--"Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion" it's called--meant for just such a thing (I have not tried it myself): Here are some customer reviews of it: I'll quote a couple: "Just a week after using it I have noticed a bigger difference than after multiple laser treatments and hundreds spent on prescription scar treatments. Your products are always the best, but this exceeded my already high expectations. Thank you so much, I am forever indebted!" ~ Trinity H. "I love your products!! I'm never buying anything else again. They truly do what you say they do. I'm using your Remarkable Skin lightening Lotion and Gel. I use the gel in the morning under my makeup and the lotion before I go to bed. The gel is so light you barely know its there. I've been getting so many compliments lately about my skin complexion and I'm definitely ordering more of your products."~Kamar S. "Thank you for your HONESTY in presenting the truth about your products. I've been using the Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion INSTEAD OF the $50 a bottle dermatologist; sold one and yours outperforms theirs WITHOUT the irritation."~Dede J. In my long time experience, everything Paula says about a product of hers and its performance is true. She doesn't make exaggerated claims. And her products are top quality, in my opinion! If you aren't sure, you can just order a (generously sized, they last for days!) sample of her skin lightener for 80 cents (and right now you get three free samples of your choice with your order). HER BOOKS I recommend checking out her books Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me and The Beauty Bible at your local library, for reviews of more products and more information on the subject. Hope this helps! Jesus' love, joy and peace at this holiday season, Amy
  • Mederma is the only one I've heard of. But there are probably a lot of others by now.

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