• for a same car but a different color it can be more expensive. Usually white is cheaper.
  • When it comes to house painting, generally paints in any color cost more because they must add certain tints or colorants to an existing white base in order to achieve the desired color. Also some colors, although appearing in the color charts of most distributors are often made when ordered and generally not kept in stock. Same could apply to sidings, it all comes down to costs involved in the manufacturing.
  • I'd check with other contractors and see if they say the same.
  • I can think of two explanations. It may be that the inherent color of the siding material is white, so any other color requires tinting as it's made, raising the production cost. It may be that white is by far the most popular color, so the manufacturer makes only small batches of other colors and prices them accordingly.
  • Call Home Depot and ask this question. Does white vs. color make a difference in the price?
  • White is probably by far the most common color so it is generally kept in stock and made in mass amounts. Due to that the manufacturer will lower the price for it to distributers who give you a price break on it also.

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