• AS a parent your advice is ALWAYS valued. I would say please give your child all the support and advice that you can give, but becomming actively involved in the relationship may be a bit much( unless there is a violent, unsafe, or unhealthy situation.) Better to talk to your child now before they end up in a situation that they're not able to get out of.
  • Jump in with both feet.
  • I don't just stand there, It is my business if I see it.!
  • As a parent IT IS ALL YOUR BUSINESS. So do what you do and take care of your business. Good Luck.
  • I agree with lea. It IS my business if I see it. I am blessed with a pretty level headed youngest kid. He did briefly date a lady who had some VERY serious issues. Fortunately, before I even fully realized what was up, he figured it out and broke it off. But if it had gone and I had gotten on to it, I would have definitely spoken up.
  • This would depend on how old your child is. After they turn 18 they are considered an adult, you can talk to them, you can advise them but you can't do anything about it. Before that you do have a little more say over a minor.
  • I am very sorry ... BUT; If I saw my child's B/f or G/F abusing them in any way or "doing them wrong" ; I'd put my two cents worth in ... well; to be honest, I'd probably put in about $100 worth !! I don't care how old they are , they are still your children and a parent MUST protect their child , no matter what .... Then; I'd jump on my kids azz for putting up with being treated like that ... and ..Changes would be Made.
  • A parent is to hire a hitman =|
  • as long as they aren't going to get physically hurt or psychologically damaged all you should do is be there for them if they need to talk. if they are getting their heart broken i know it must break your own heart but it is all part of growing and maturing, and as painful as it is we all must go through it to become stronger and better people.
  • Depends on your definition of "do them wrong." Frankly they will learn more from failing then being told they will. Real harm must be prevented, but we all have to learn eventually.
  • You want my honest opinion? I don't think I'd listen to my mom's advice about my relationships, either, ... if she was dating a married man....
  • Your child's "business" is your business! Specially if she/he is a minor! Are you about to give up your parental rights?
  • i'd just stand there like i stand when i'm standing anywhere...i'd just let my child know that i was there for support while they learn to cope with the natural consequences of making a poor choice in a bf/gf. i'd help them identify what they learned from it, what signs they saw in hindsight and how to look for them sooner rather than later in their next attempt.
  • Well, if you know anything about most parent-child relationships, there is a point where you have to just bear it. I watched my daughter go out with a really horrific person. She would not listen to me, no matter what. She had to learn her own lesson that I would have stopped her from still if I had the chance. But the good thing is she did see for herself what I was trying to avoid for her. I don't think she will make that kind of deluded choice again. It's amazing how not one individual on this plant will take advice unless it is asked for. You can't change anyone's mind unless it is open.
  • People are too uptight today. When I was growing up it was first come first serve. Whatever parent caught you got to yell at or spank you, whichever was appropiate. Mrs. Hobsom made us cut our own switch.

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