• I have never been an athiest, when you really think about it, there has been more signs of God existing than there have been of him not existing. To say there is no proof is just bone-headed.
    • Mircat
      Show me the scientific proof. The world is unaware of it.
  • I probably became an atheist When I was about 16. I have read the Bible, I just can't believe everything that's in it. I was raised with little religious influence from my parents, but my grandmother is a Bible-pusher, one of those radical Christians that if you haven't accepted Jesus as your savior you're on the wrong path and your whole life will be for nothing; one of those people you see outside movies like The DaVinci Code and The Passion of the Christ and upcoming Angels and Demons with their picket signs. I had an argument with her and that was it, the last straw. I never wanted to be like her, to have something consume me so much that it was all I thought and spoke about.
  • After constantly being attacked by fundamentalist Christians who didn't like the beliefs of my particular denomination of Christianity, I began to study Christianity in detail. I took some comparative religion classes in college as well. As I began to understand how religions came about, saw all the holes and changes that had been made, saw how different beliefs were put together to make new ones, it became obvious to me that god(s) and religions were created by humans rather than the other way around.
  • I was around the age of 18, philosophy class.
  • I never 'became' an atheist. I always have been.
  • When nobody could give a real answer as to why god gives the horrendous tests of faith to good people and horrendous people are always going to get theirs on judgement day?
  • That a boy.
  • I was kind of raised as an Athiest. My parents always left it open to us to make our own decisions and even sent us to church with friends, but their beliefs stuck with me. As I have grown older, religion, science and life itself have only solidified my beliefs.
  • I grew up as one, seeing as I was never given a religion when I was born (never baptized, etc). My mom didn't have a religion, and my whole family is not religious at all. So I grew up thinking there was nothing out there, and no belief that I have come in contact with has felt probable in mind.
  • Child molestations, and what churches did to avoid responsibility. Local girl accused her pastor of shit. Said he molested her for years. Pastor got the congregation all riled up against her. Called her Satanic. Investigators discovered that he pulled a Clinton- left some of his semen on her Prom Dress. Most of the congregation wouldn't admit to being duped.
  • I was born that way. Relatives tried indoctrinated me into a religion but I was too sensible even as a toddler to fall for it.
  • I didn't become one: I was born that way
  • 35 years ago, watching a drunken Catholic priest giving a sermon for an older guy that had been fighting death because he didn’t not want to be around his wife. The immediate family thought it was funny watching this priest continually pull up his pants during the service so they bought him a pair of red suspenders. When the wife died exactly a week later, there his was again, big red nose, wobbling at the pulpit, pulling up his pants, albeit with the red suspenders you could see through his priestly garments. And it’s continually re-enforced by child molesters, and self-serving religious doctrines that continually get amended, etc etc.
  • im not an atheist
  • I was born an atheist just like everyone else.
  • We are all born atheists. Its the implantation of ideas that change us not the removal of ideas. The better phrasing of your question would be, "When did you cease being an atheist."
  • I was an atheist for years after the faithful lied,and stole my heart repeatedly. I survived!
  • I'm not an atheist.

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