• I agree, and Rush Limbaugh is very well versed in the field of professional football.
  • I agree with you. Reminds me a bit of the JFK White House.
  • Can we just focus on what kind of job he's doing? All that is just a bit too involved.
  • I do agree, however I believe Mr. Obama is in well over his head as far as dealing with the needs of our country at this point in our history are concerned. Having said that, I also feel that he will do his best considering the political infighting he will be facing during his term in office. I truly do not believe there is any one political figure at either end of the spectrum who would be able to pull us out of the tailspin we are in. Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen, we're in for a very rough ride for several years to come.
  • They are fascinating and virtuous creatures.
  • Agree. They seem like a typical American family.
  • I suppose so. Still, I don't find his willingness to invade Pakistan very commendable though.
  • I agree with what you have said about them as a family. However he scares the hell out of me with what he is doing as president. He is sailing the USA down a river that the people do not realize they are getting deeper and deeper in trouble....the carrot still looks very good.
  • I agree, but didn't think you had it in you Cowboy. I appreciate the effort this has taken you. Way to go!
  • I will agree to that. But only that.
  • Seems that way based on outward appearances and the kids are definitely cute.
  • Absolutely I do agree with that.
  • dont believe those people's "home morals" excludes the racism and the "black power" funding that went into his campaign. They might look like a happy family now, but wait until the things that got him into office if faught to get him out of office...lets see how happy they look then. Hiprocracy toward OUR United States of America isnt really somthing to be so proud and happy about.
  • This is a great question cowboy. First, because what you said is true and second, it gives those who disagree with his policy, a forum in which to express admiration for him as a man. In a world where excuse and self loathing seems to be the norm. Where single parent families are celebrated, where absent fathers are more common than not, here is a man who truly proved that if you dreamed, and work hard enough to accomplish those dreams, You can be president someday. He is a fine role model as a responsible father and a loving dedicated Husband. I also believe that he has what he believes to be America's best interest at heart.
  • I agree, Cowboy. The Obamas are doing a good job of making this as normal as possible for the girls. Adn they're keeping them out of the public eye. That's good. They'e little girls; let them be little girls.
  • I want an Obama Man....!!!!..He is just so neat with his wife and kids....

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