• i would think that as a Dr. you can choose which way you want to pratice medicine, a law like this would be un constitutional
  • NO, why would it be ok to force people to kill innocent babies, why would anyone in their right mind force a doctor to kill a baby that is just cruel and inhumane maybe even a little touch of satan
  • No, I think the doctor should have a choice, just like the women
  • I do not see how it can be legislated that a doctor MUST kill an innocent baby ..... It should be up to the indivual doctor if he wishes to do such a barbaric act ....
  • Has not happened, won't happen.
  • Absolutely not.
  • No it's not. Out of all of the doctors around, only a handful would be qualified to even perform an abortion anyway. It should be up to them weather they want to or not. :-) Forcing a doctor to perform an abortion against their will, can and most likely will lead to "botched abortions" which can and will be dangerous to the women involved. :-)
  • If you are a doctor you aren't FORCED to perform abortions. Choose another kind of practice. Dont work at a family planning clinic.
  • If I were a doctor --which I am not-- you could pass any damn law your want...I would NOT perform an abortion!
  • I'm not sure I would want my S.O. to have an abortion by a doctor who was against it. There are plenty that will do it without problems.
  • No body should be forced to take a life and forcing them to do thart is wrong. Pure wrong and I would refuse to do it.
  • Nobody should be forced to do something that they consider to be unethical or immoral.
  • Doctors specialise in the stream of medicine in which they are most interested - surgeons should be capable of carrying out a D&C which is the same operation for termination and carried out following a miscarriage. However, no doctor should ever be obliged to carry out a procedure which they are against, it simply wouldn't be in anybodys' best interest to try to force that. I do not believe that women should be made to face a doctor who is against abortion though - all GPs should be mandated to deliver the medical facts regarding termination without the prejudice of any personal beliefs!
  • Any doctor that has a moral problem with performing abortions wouldn't become a gynecologist, duh!
  • That's a sickening thought, a law passed that forced anyone to kill babies, or a law that allows them to either.
  • There is no such law, nor is any such law being contemplated by anybody who matters. This story is typical Internet hype and hysteria based on a malicious or dull-witted interpretation of a regulatory change. Here's what happened: On Jan 20 of this year (at the last minute, so nobody could fight it), Bush rushed through a regulatory change which provided legal protection to medical providers who wish to omit reproductive-health information when advising patients if they have ethical objections to any possible treatment, including abortion. Basically, the regulation provided protection for doctors who keep their patients in the dark. The AMA objected strenuously, and so did thousands of doctors. But Bush hopped onto the helicopter and went back to the village (who have been missing their idiot for 8 years). Obama is planning to undo that last-minute change, and put things back to the way they've been for many years. Some dimwit in the blogosphere spun this up into a frenzy about a "law requiring doctors to provide abortions". That's utter nonsense. Anyone who proposed such a law would be crucified by the public.
  • family and hospital doctors arent required to perform abortions, so your point is null. Only doctors that are trained in performing abortions can perform them, and any doctor who is against that wouldn't go to college for that specific practice.
  • no, it's not right
  • Thanks Hasntbeen for the great answer. Pro-lifers like to engage in this sort of alarmist crap. It makes me mad as hell.

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