• If you only want to copy formulas from one workbook to another you don't need Paste Special, you just need paste.
  • Are both workbooks open in the same Excel "session"? That is, if you go to the menu command for "Windows", can you see both files listed there? Sometimes when we open files from Windows Explorer (or have files created from other applications, such as exports from databases, etc.) that creates a new "session" of Excel that prevents a simple copy-paste operation from one workbook to another in the same session. Another way to do the copy is to put the cursor directly into the Formula Bar, the select and copy the literal text of the formula to the same Formula Bar in the target sheet. That sometimes overcomes limitations in the copy / paste operation. But like Brian said, just look at your target cell after you've completed the paste. Don't just look at the value that's there, look to see if the formula is a match.

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