• So you are asking how to stop the engine? Turn it off using the key. Please clarify your question as it is pretty hard to understand. *edit* I read over the 'not get inside' part. My mistake. You can wait for it to run out of gas, or (depending on the location of your battery - some are right in front of one of the wheels) disconnect the battery. Be careful in whatever you do. Best to call CAA if you have it or call a locksmith/tow truck. Good Luck
  • If you cannot get inside or under the hood to stop a running vehicle, your options are limited. The easiest solution would be to just wait for it to run out of fuel. Aside from than that, other methods that you could use would depend on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. Some of the things that you could do to shut the engine down would be best attempted by someone very familiar with automotive systems to prevent damage to the vehicle and injury to yourself. I would reccomend calling a lock service, a towing company, or a automotive dealership to help you with this situation.

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