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  • Yes she can. Birth control pill are only 99% of effective when used 100% correctly. Not taking it regularly can decrease that percentage drastically. The pill should be more of a backup method to other types of birth control if they fail. Only have non protected sex when only on the pill if you are in a loving committed long term relationship and are sure that there are no diseases/STD's involved
  • Yes. Why do people need to ask this question? There's a warning on almost every type of birth control out there.
  • Yes. Anywhere from a 1%-8% failure rate depending on the pill she is on.
  • As has been said, yes. If she's taking them properly, not on antibiotics and not currently being sick for any reason then there is still around a 1% chance of pregnancy.
  • If she takes her pills every day, the chances of her getting pregnant are small.

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