• Try putting the t.v. and antenna in a different location. Preferably near a window. Also you can try a different antenna.One that can be adjusted easily.
  • get the cheapest cable you can find some packages here run for as litte as 8.95 a month
  • Indoor antennas offer poor reception because they pick up signal reflections in the room which result in jitter. Outdoor and attic mounted antennas are subject to little or no signal reflections. Try getting an outdoor mounted antenna and if that is not possible, attic mount is your next best option, and if you live in an apartment and cannot gain acess to the outside or attic then get a high quality DIRECTIONAL antenna (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH OMNI-DIRECTIONAL). To choose an Antenna, GO TO ANTENNAWEB.ORG, enter your zip code. Then find the station that is farthest away from you that you in your area. Pick the appropriate outdoor antenna based on that approximate distance. Remember, bigger antenna is not always better, but a taller mast is! LINKS and NOTES: Channel Master and Wingard are two highly respected antenna's makers used by professinal installers. My out door antenna coupled with a high sensitivity converter box picks up DTV stations from over 250 miles away in two states! I recommend the RCA DTA-800 for it's strong tuner, ease of use, and full featured EPG. When installing use a high quality RG6 cable like belden or channel master. Install a pre-amplifier at the top of the antenna mast to help compensate for signal loss in the cables. Use a distribution amplifier (Motorola 484095 or BDA-S4) to send the signal to more than one TV. Do not use a 4 way if you have only 2 TVs, use a 2-way for that. A rotator can be installed at the top of the mast so that you can fine tune the signal from inside of your house.

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