• Whether an individual lives or dies before it can reproduce depends on its physical characteristics -- its phenotype. Natural selection can't 'read' the genome directly.
  • The genotype isn't what is expressed.
  • It does. Hence evolution being a shift in the allelic ratios over time.
  • It's a nice theory, but unfortunately history has shown that natural selection doesn't really work out. For centuries, the royal families of Europe engaged in the practice of inbreeding, which produced mentally challenged, schizophrenic, and hemophiliac offspring who not only survived, they took over the whole world.
  • Because it can't get its hands on the genotype bit it can on the phenotype. There is no mechanism for it to say "GACTTAGCACGA - that's a rude word, you're selected out" but it can say "Legs like that will get you nowhere - you're dinner".
  • 4-20-2017 Albert Einstein said "If you can't explain what you know so a bar maid understands it, you don't know it." I promise you a bar maid will never understand "phenotype" and "genotype", and the theory can not be explained without a lot of three and four syllable words.

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